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Health and Wellness Workshops that put evidence-based knowledge into mindful and motivated action.

Let’s put knowledge into action.

We live in a time where information is literally at our fingertips. But it’s no longer enough that we know what to do. We also need to know how.

Customizable to an organization’s health and wellness goals, our half-day Wellness Advantage Workshops provide an opportunity for participants to put knowledge into action.


“I found “The Stress Less Routine Workshop” program to be excellent reinforcement.”

I found The Stress Less Routine to be excellent reinforcement of the fact that one must take care of oneself first which leads to the ability to support others and increase work productivity.

Terry M., Graham Construction

The Stress Less Routine Workshop

This highly interactive and thought-provoking workshop is designed to help busy professionals customize a healthy, realistic, stress-less routine for their own unique lifestyle. 

Workshop Outline

After identifying which of Top 10 Unhealthy Habits are adding Hidden Stress to their bodies, and sabotaging their physical and mental health, attendees are introduced to The Hidden Stress Framework, a proven system designed to teach participants which healthy habits should be incorporated into their work week and weekend in order to create the balance needed for the body and mind to thrive. 

With plenty of opportunity to ask questions (confidentially or during the live session) and receive immediate expert coaching, participants will gain the clarity and confidence needed to live a healthy life amidst a busy, but stress-less, schedule.

*To gain the foundational knowledge of Hidden Stress, participants must watch the Let’s Talk About Stress presentation in advance of Workshop. Let’s Talk About Stress is available live, in person or on demand.


I’m still astonished at how effective your program was for me.”

Just finished The 8 Weeks to Awesome. Inadvertently lost 20 pounds which wasn’t even the objective. It was to help my migraines and eczema, which it did. Way less frequency of flare ups. Headachy at the beginning but no migraines since! I’m back to my university weight! Kudos to your program. It’s well put together to keep you consistent through it.

Mark M.

Ready to put knowledge into action?


Nicole Porter Wellness

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