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Health and Wellness Workshops that put evidence-based knowledge into mindful and motivated action.

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It’s one thing to learn what you should do to be healthy. It’s another thing to put that knowledge into action.

Customizable to an organization’s health and wellness goals, The Wellness Advantage Workshops provide an opportunity for participants to learn The Hidden Stress Framework™️, understand the impacts of all forms of stress (physical, mental and other), overcome the daily habits that are keeping them from feeling their best, get wellness advice directly from an expert, learn from questions asked by other members in the group, and feel empowered with the knowledge and tools they need to live a healthy, productive and inspired life – at home and at work.

The Wellness Advantage Workshops are an excellent complement to Wellness Seminars or can be a motivating way to kick off The Wellness Advantage Group Challenge. All attendees (and their friends and families) receive a discount on The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge. 

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Customize Your Workshop

Since every organization has a unique culture and objectives, we are happy to customize a program based on the needs of your team. Workshops are typically 3 hours, and provide participants with actionable steps to help them understand and overcome at least one of the Top 10 Unhealthy Habits negatively affecting today’s busy professional.

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The Stress Less Routine

This highly interactive and thought-provoking workshop is designed to give busy professionals a clear understanding of how to customize a healthy, stress-free, and realistic routine for their own unique lifestyle. 

The first half of the workshop helps participants discover how The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits are adding Hidden Stress to their bodies and minds, and sabotaging their results, risking their physical and mental health, and adding unwanted stress to their lives. 

After identifying which of the 10 Hidden Stressors are playing a role in their own lives, attendees will be introduced to The Hidden Stress Framework™️, a proven system designed to teach participants how to create healthy habits, reduce stress on their bodies and minds, and optimize physical and mental health. 

The second half of the workshop provides the opportunity for each individual to create their own ideal stress-reducing routine, scheduling The Top 10 Healthy Habits into their work week and weekend. 

With plenty of opportunity to ask questions (confidentially or during the live session) and receive expert coaching, participants will gain the clarity and confidence needed to balance a healthy life with a busy schedule. 

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Lunch ‘n’ Learn to Breathe

This highly experiential workshop 3 hour workshop helps participants understand the impact of nutritional stress on their physical and mental health.

Over a healthy lunch, Nicole will review the Top 10 Food Mistakes being made by today’s working professional, and lead the group through a Mindful Eating exercise.

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Reduce Stress. On Purpose.

Are you living the life you imagined or are you frustrated that you haven’t fulfilled your goals and expectations?

In this interactive, forward-thinking, and inspiring workshop, you’ll learn how to use the power of neuroscience, mindfulness, and habit change to design a life you love, gaining a clear understanding of why pursuing your passion and finding purpose is fundamental to achieving optimal health.

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