The Wellness Advantage Challenge

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| It’s time to make wellness your competitive advantage.

The Wellness Advantage Challenge™ is an empowering, informative, and forward-thinking group wellness coaching program based on The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge™.

Over 8 weeks and 9 LIVE coaching sessions (and a live Kick Off session) with your colleagues, you’ll discover how to follow The Hidden Stress Framework™, a unique and proven framework designed to help you overcome The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits that are adding stress to your body and brain everyday, and contributing to complaints like weight gain, low energy, digestive issues, poor sleep, lack of clarity and motivation, anxiety, sugar cravings, pain and inflammation, skin problems, and an inability to successfully manage day to day stress.

Wellness Workshop

| What’s included in The Wellness Advantage Challenge?

Weekly Coaching

Live, weekly coaching sessions give you an opportunity to ask your most pressing questions and receive the customized advice, education, and motivation needed to be successful.

Questions can be submitted confidentially throughout the week or asked live during the sessions.

Weekly Challenges

Each week, you’ll watch a video explaining how one or more of The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits can add stress to your body and mind.

At the end of the video, you’ll receive a Primary Challenge (and Bonus Challenge) to help you reduce the impact of those stressors and mindfully integrate new, healthy habits into your life.

Daily Motivation

Daily “Notes from Nicole” will continue to educate you on the week’s topics and keep you inspired as you learn to maintain the new habit long term.

To keep you on track, stay motivated and increase your odds of success, you’ll complete daily Accountability Trackers. Private Coaching can also be added at any time before, during or after your program.

Lifetime Access

In 8 short weeks, you’re going to re-train your brain to master certain habits, which means you’re going to start getting addicted to feeling awesome!

And because you won’t want to go back to how you felt before, you’re likely going to want to restart the program or refresh your memory on certain concepts.

This is why you receive lifetime access to the entire curriculum and you can restart the entire program from Day 1 – so you can continue to raise the bar when it comes to your health and so you can keep getting addicted to feeling awesome!

Social Connection

Sometimes you’ll need them for encouragement, and sometimes, they’ll need you. Whichever way you look at it, having a group to support and motivate you increases your odds of success in the program.

By the way, lack of social connection is one of The Top 10 Hidden Stressors that we address. The social aspect of the program has become even more important as teams and employees are working in hybrid or offsite work environments.

Long-Term Results

With a clear understanding of why positive habits related to nutrition, exercise, hydration, sleep, screen time, mindful breathing, multi-tasking, socializing, and overthinking can reduce stress on your body, you’ll have a greater chance at maintaining your wellness goals – long term.

| This program is for you if…

You want to show your team that you care about their health and well-being.

You and your friends or colleagues are stressed out, not feeling your best, and don’t want to start another typical diet or exercise program.

You want to give – and receive – support from your friends as you conquer your wellness goals together!

| “We finally know how to approach life to get the most of it.”

– Wayne G. Miller, Associate Vice-President, Marketing & Business Development

I was looking for a more holistic approach and when I met Nicole Porter, I knew I had found it. I asked Nicole to do a back-to-back seminar and workshop for the team and her passion and knowledge of wellness shone through the entire session. I can speak for my entire team when I say we finally know how to approach life to get the most of it. Read more…

| Investment

Investment varies based on number of participants. This program can be funded in one of 3 ways: i) 100% employer-funded, ii) 100% employee-funded, or iii) a combination of both. Fill out the form to get an official quote for your group.

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