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Wellness Education to help you optimize health, mindset and productivity

| Now, more than ever, your team needs to be healthy.

Whether your team works from home or at the office, they need to be productive. To be productive, they need to be healthy. To stay healthy, they need to get educated.

Grounded in evidence-based research, our Health and Wellness Seminars simplify complicated health information, helping participants decipher between truth and trends so they can better manage their physical and mental stress, feel confident in the decisions they’re making, and learn how to balance a healthy life with a busy schedule.

Upon request, seminars can be customized for a company’s goals, disciplines and management teams.


| Testimonials from the Workplace

“We finally know how to approach life to get the most of it.”
-SunLife Financial-

I was looking for a more holistic approach and when I met Nicole Porter, I knew I had found it. Her passion and knowledge of wellness shone through the entire session. I can speak for my entire team when I say we finally know how to approach life to get the most of it. Read the full testimonial.

Wayne G. Miller,  Associate Vice-President, Marketing & Business Development, Sun Life Financial

“The most beneficial part of our corporate wellness initiative was Nicole’s seminar.”
-Adera Development-

A smaller group of us also signed up for her 8-week team challenge. Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your knowledge and experience so we could understand some really complicated health topics, for being so supportive during our group challenge… Read the full testimonial.

Sh’eli Mullin, Executive Administrator, Adera Development

“Nicole’s Stress & Wellness Seminar was outstanding.”
-XEVA Mortgage-

Nicole’s Stress & Wellness Seminar was outstanding – eye opening, informative, and presented in a way that made difficult concepts easy to understand. Thank you, Nicole, for being so passionate about what you do, and for helping to set up the Xeva team for success in the coming years. Read the full testimonial.

Trevor Hansen, Partner/Broker, XEVA Mortgage

| These seminars are for your business if…

You’ve noticed that your team is less productive and motivated, especially while working from home or in a new working environment.

You’re looking for a positive, healthy and unique way to unite, motivate, and educate your team.

You understand the direct link between a healthy team and the bottom line, and want to ensure your team stays on top of their game in terms of health, mindset, and productivity.

| What’s Included?

All Stress & Wellness Seminars are designed to help busy professionals gain clarity on The Top 10 Habits required for optimal physical and mental health. Choose from the most popular seminars below. Upon request, seminars can be customized for a company’s goals, disciplines and management teams.

  • Seminars are 60 minutes, include a Q&A session, and are delivered live, online via Zoom. In-person seminars are also available.
  • Seminar recording with dedicated page available for an additional fee.
  • Additional fees may apply for larger groups and for in-person events.
  • Participants receive discounts on The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge and The ELEVATE x8 Group Coaching Bundle.
  • Investment: $1,195 USD | $1,495 CAD

| Most Popular Wellness Seminar Topics

  Seminar 1 | Let’s Talk About Stress

For many, a demanding job, financial woes or a global pandemic immediately come to mind as sources of stress. However, today’s working professionals add stress to their bodies and minds in other ways too. In this informative and thought-provoking presentation, Nicole re-defines today’s definition of stress and reveals the Top 10 daily habits that may be keeping you from optimal health, happiness and productivity – at work and at home.

  Seminar 2 | The Top Ten Food Mistakes

Are you confused by the masses of diet and nutrition advice in the media? In this eye-opening and fact-based seminar, you’ll learn the top 10 food mistakes that could be keeping you from getting the results you want. Whether you struggle to maintain a healthy weight, or regularly deal with fatigue, headaches, brain fog, or other chronic health complaints, you’ll walk away with a fresh and informed outlook on what, when, where and why you eat.

  Seminar 3 | The Mind Games of Exercise

Did you know that too little exercise can impair your immune system? Did you know that too much exercise can stress out your body, imbalance hormones and negatively impact cognitive health? Did you know that relying on cardio for weight loss is the not the best long-term solution? And do you know WHY moving your body is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress?

In this insightful and information-packed seminar, Nicole utilizes her experience as a dancer, personal trainer, fitness instructor, pilates coach, marathon runner, and unhealthy over exerciser to explain how today’s busy professional can manage a realistic, effective, and healthy fitness program while avoiding the physical and mental roller coaster so often associated with diet and exercise trends. The Mind Games of Exercise will shift the way you think about exercise.

  Seminar 4 | Good Food. Good Mood.

Did you know that what you eat affects how you think?

Your brain is made of billions of cells, all of which must be fuelled with proper nutrition in order for your body and mind to optimally function. In this thought-provoking, evidence-based presentation, Nicole explains how dehydration, dieting, processed sugar, caffeine, artificial ingredients and other nutritional stressors play a key role in today’s growing mental health challenge. You’ll walk away understanding how the food you eat affects your brain, how the health of your brain affects your physical and mental wellness, and which foods to consume (or not) in order to best manage your mood and mindset. It just might be time to shift the way you think about how you fuel your body.

  Seminar 5 | The 7 Sleep Factors for Optimal Health

The “rule of threes” states that our bodies can go three minutes without oxygen, three days without water, and three weeks without food. But how long could you go without sleep?

Whether you struggle to get to sleep, stay asleep, or wake up feeling rested, you’ve likely realized that not getting enough rest can affect your mood, productivity, and other aspects of your physical and mental health. In this eye-opening presentation, Nicole reveals the seven factors that contribute to a restful sleep, while providing practical solutions to help you create and maintain a sleep routine that reduces stress on your body and mind.

  Seminar 6 | Choose Stillness Over Illness

Today’s fast paced lives have us convinced that moving faster means we’ll get more done. But constantly being on the go, multi-tasking, striving to get somewhere and get things done, is negatively affecting our physical and mental health.

In Choose Stillness Over Illness, Nicole explains why she includes a lack of stillness as one of the Top 10 stressors derailing the health of today’s working professional. By the end of the hour, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what mindfulness is – and what is isn’t – and learn why slowing down might be the key to getting you ahead – in health, mindset and productivity.

  Seminar 7 | Overthinking – Get out of your head and into your body.

Are you an over thinker? If you are, you’re not alone.

In our personal and professional lives, analysis is necessary. But over analysis – the act of rumination, worrying, or being ‘stuck in your head’ – can have a negative impact on your psychological, mental and physical health. It is, however, a habit that can be broken. Combining science with mindfulness, this presentation will demonstrate that overthinking is a stressor that not only keeps you from paying attention and being present in life, it can also contribute to imbalance and disease in the body, affect mood and productivity, and prevent you from mastering one of the most invaluable habits – the ability to listen to your innate intuitive sense.

  Seminar 8 | The Stress-Less Routine

Previously called The Quarantine Routine

We’ve been thrown into an extreme situation, requiring us to immediately adapt to new work environments and routines, but also testing our abilities to stay physically and mentally healthy despite extreme mental and emotional stress. In this straightforward, practical, and information-packed session, Nicole describes the ideal stress-reducing routine (for the at home, at office or hybrid worker), integrating small things you can do every day to free yourself from physical and mental stress.

  Seminar 9 | A Manager’s Guide to The Mental Health Pandemic

Mental Health has always been an important subject, but in light of how the pandemic has affected the workplace, the need for understanding and support from management is imperative. 

In this information-packed and solution-oriented session, Nicole reveals how the hidden stressors linked to anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders can also provide multiple opportunities for leadership teams to not only attract and retain healthy and happy team members, but create a higher performing business as a result. 

  Seminar 10 | Avoiding The Quarantine 15

“Bite-sized” tips to manage your waistline during and after COVID-19

It didn’t take long for people to start worrying about ‘The Quarantine 15’, the dreaded extra 15 pounds that could be gained as a result of eating more and moving less during this restrictive and stressful time. In this seminar, Nicole provides realistic advice and immediate tips to help participants manage stress eating, cravings and weight gain during and after this pandemic. You’ll walk away understanding why all calories are not created equally, why diet and exercise trends are not the key to long-term weight loss success, and what your body really needs in order to achieve long-term weight loss.

  Seminar 11 | Managing Mood to Better Manage Life

The recent shift in the world has created a unique and challenging situation. And although the pandemic has provided us with opportunities to reflect and re-evaluate, it has also created consistent uncertainty and ongoing stress. But it’s not necessarily one additional event that makes life overwhelming. Instead, it’s the cumulation of multiple, consecutive events for which we were not able to prepare. Discussing the importance of language, how to increase control over your mood, changing your relationship with emotions, and the neuroscience behind emotionality and how it can change our worldview, this 60-minute session, presented by Registered Clinical Counsellor Danielle Holtjer, will help you de-stress in the moment and sustain ways to move forward – beyond a pandemic – with less pressure and more ease.

  Seminar 12 | Managing Cravings with The Cheat Principle™️

If you wish there was a magic pill to overcome your cravings, you’re not alone. But although there may not be one easy solution, the good news is that there is more than one way to manage – and overcome – cravings. In this highly informative presentation, Nicole provides unique insight into how cravings are related to nutrition, dieting, exercise, sleep, emotional or mental stress, and even how you think. You’ll also learn The Cheat Principle™️, realistic guidelines for how to stay healthy and have fun – without feeling guilty. The ultimate goal? That your addiction to sugar or salt is replaced with an addiction to feeling awesome – every single day.

  Seminar 13 | Multi-Tasking: The Next Health Epidemic

We’ve been trained to believe that multi-tasking means we can get more done in less time. And in this day and age, the expectations on our productivity are higher than ever.

But have you ever considered that doing more than one thing at a time adds stress to your brain, which adds stress to your body, which not only prevents you from being productive and efficient, it can also negatively impact your hormones, mood, memory, and mindset.

Combining neuroscience, stress, and mindfulness, Nicole provides realistic tips for today’s busy, working professional who wants to be productive without sacrificing their health.

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