Workplace Wellness Programs

Stress and Wellness programs designed to optimize health, mindset, productivity – and the bottom line.


| Make Employee Wellness your Competitive Advantage

Have you ever considered that having a healthy team could be your business’s competitive advantage, that improved wellness could be the reason your team is empowered, inspired, happy and productive, and the reason your business is thriving and profitable?

We consider this everyday. And this is why our goal is to give your business The Wellness Advantage™: the optimal state of health of an organization (or individual) when productivity is at its highest and health-related expenses are at their lowest.

Grounded in evidence-based research, our Seminar Programs, Wellness Workshops, and The Wellness Advantage Group Challenge, simplify complicated health information, shifting the way participants think about stress, offering a fresh perspective on what it means to be healthy, and providing realistic and sustainable solutions for balancing a healthy life with a busy schedule.


| Workplace Stress & Wellness Programs

Stress & Wellness Seminars

Wellness Seminars are 60 minutes of mind-shifting, evidence-based wellness education, providing busy professionals with the knowledge they need to take their health and productivity to a higher level – at home and at work. Seminars can be scheduled for a team of employees in the workplace or a private group of friends; are available as Individual Seminars, Seminar Series, or Seminar+ Programs; and can be customized to any organization’s goals, disciplines, management teams or events.

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Wellness Workshop

Wellness Workshops

Does your company need health and wellness education that goes beyond a seminar and helps to put words into action? Or do you want to reward your team with a half or full day of stress coaching, wellness education and motivation for long-term health?  The Wellness Advantage Workshops are 3 hour to multiple day workshops designed to help participants put wellness knowledge into action.

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The Wellness Advantage Group Coaching Challenge

The Wellness Advantage Group Challenge

The Wellness Advantage Challenge™ is an informative, team-building, and motivating yet challenging 8-week wellness program that provides an affordable and effective way for busy, stressed out professionals to get healthier together. With regular access to a reliable health information and weekly coaching to keep them on track, participants will finish the program empowered with the knowledge and success they need to live healthier lives – at work and at home.

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The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge

Our signature stress-reducing course, The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge is an effective, realistic, forward-thinking online wellness course designed to help busy professionals reduce the cumulative burden of Hidden Stress that can prevent optimal physical and mental health – without them even knowing it.

Regardless of how old you are or how long you’ve had unhealthy habits, you’ll walk away empowered with evidence-based knowledge, equipped with realistic tools, and inspired by an unwavering belief that life-long transformation is possible!

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