Workplace Wellness Programs

Invest in your team, and they’ll invest in you. 

Make Employee Wellness Your Competitive Advantage

Have you ever considered that having a healthy team could be your business’s competitive advantage, that improved wellness could be the reason your team is empowered, inspired, happy and productive, and the reason your business is thriving and profitable?

We consider this everyday. And this is why our goal is for your team and your business to have The Wellness Advantage:

the optimal state of health of an organization (or individual) when productivity is at its highest and health-related expenses are at their lowest.

I would recommend Nicole to any organization that wants to support their employees on a journey to improved physical and mental health.

Lynn Wowchuk, Regional Administrator, CIBC Private Wealth

Stress and Wellness Seminars

Modern advice for the modern workplace – in person, online, hybrid.

Available in Single Seminars, Seminar Series or a year long Vitality+ Program, our Stress and Wellness Seminars help today’s busy, stressed out professional understand how the most commonly overlooked daily habits are preventing them from optimal health, mindset and productivity. 

“It was the best seminar I’ve ever attended.”

Megan Colle, North Central Washington Workers Compensation Board

The Wellness Advantage Challenge

Get empowered. Get inspired. Get results.

Knowledge is nothing without action. The Wellness Advantage Challenge is an eye-opening, habit-changing, empowering group coaching program designed to help participants experience long-lasting improvements in their physical and mental health. Available to the public and customizable for organizations.

“I look forward to loving my new mind and body minus 23 pounds!”

Alex Friio, The Wellness Advantage Challenge participant

The Vitality+ Wellness Program

A powerful combination of monthly seminars, weekly coaching videos, and live coaching sessions, The Vitality+ Program is a seamlessly integrated, 52-week wellness coaching and education program designed to transform the health of your organization.  

“Your wellness challenge is outstanding!”

I learned so much in the introduction and your notes. I totally understand that your classes are going to change my way of living, my health will improve and it will be the most positive change to help me have a better life.

Rosalinda Martin, Vitality+ Participant

Wellness Workshops

Customizable to an organization’s health and wellness goals, our half-day Wellness Advantage Workshops provide an opportunity for participants to put knowledge into action.

“I found The Stress Less Routine Workshop program to be excellent reinforcement of the fact that one must take care of oneself first which leads to the ability to support others and increase work productivity.”

Terry M., Graham Construction

Professional Development Courses

Get credit for getting healthy.

Our comprehensive library includes on demand Health and Wellness Courses designed to improve your health, your knowledge, and your business.

Nicole did an online presentation yesterday and blew me out of the water with her knowledge. Signing up and I can’t wait for this journey to begin.”

Shereese Luby, CIBC Private Wealth Management

Keynote Speaking

Nicole sets the stage with a fresh approach to wellness, empowering audiences with the evidence-based knowledge and realistic tools they need to bypass unhealthy trends, manage stress, and optimize their physical and mental health – at work and at home.

“Nicole is a fantastic speaker with an excellent message.”

Suman Gurung, Event Attendee

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