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The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits Stressing Out Your Body

We are all different, but many of us repeat similar behaviours everyday. As a Stress Coach and Wellness Educator for busy professionals, I’ve defined 10 primary unhealthy habits that today’s working adults repeat on a daily basis.

This is the list. Can you relate?

  1. Poor Diet & Dehydration
  2. Lack of Sleep
  3. Excessive Screen Time
  4. Improper Exercise Programs
  5. Poor Breathing
  6. Overthinking
  7. Multi-Tasking
  8. Lack of Social Support
  9. Negative Mindset
  10. Feeling a Lack of Control

The common denominator amongst these habits is that they can all put stress on the body, the same kind of stress caused by worry, fear, and regret. This means these stressors activate the nervous system, leading to hormone imbalance, and contributing to common complaints like weight gain, low energy, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, sugar cravings, headaches, eczema, low sex drive, and much more serious illness.

On the upside, once these habits are under control, even slightly, and the cumulative effect of stress in the body is reduced, clients see positive results in their health, happiness and productivity.

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