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The Wellness Advantage Workshops

The Wellness Advantage Workshops are customizable half and full day workshops that combine Wellness Seminars with hands on practice for how to get – and stay – healthy.

Similar to our Wellness Seminars, The Wellness Advantage Workshops can be booked as a single workshop (half day or full day) or as an ongoing series (ie/monthly or quarterly), and can be customized to any group or organization’s health goals or addressed to specific disciplines or management teams.

Half Day Workshop Example (4 hours)

10am – 11am | Seminar 1: Let’s Talk About Stress! 

    • Let’s Talk About Stress is the foundational seminar for all programs. 
    • For many, a demanding job, financial woes or a family/social conflict immediately come to mind as sources of stress. However, hidden stressors and the most common daily habits like poor diet, lack of sleep, incorrect exercise programs, dieting, negativity, multi-tasking or excessive screen time can be just as detrimental to your health. In this informative and thought-provoking presentation, Nicole explains why today’s definition of ‘stress’ needs to be redefined and reveals common daily habits that are derailing the best intentioned wellness programs.  

11am-1130am | Introduction to Nutrition and Mindful Eating

    • In preparation for lunch, this 30-minute session will include an introductory discussion around Nutrition and Mindful Eating 

1145am-1245pm | Lunch n Learn to Breathe

    • Over a healthy lunch, Nicole will review the Top 10 Food Mistakes being made by today’s working professional, and lead the group through a Mindful Eating exercise. 

1pm-2pm | Workshop  

    • In this final hour, Nicole will help attendees create a realistic schedule of actionable items that can help to reduce chronic stress on the body. 

Investment: $1,995 plus tax.

Additional fees apply for travel and accommodations, and customized content. Based on the needs of your organization, we may recommend including additional certified healthcare professionals including Naturopathic Doctors, Psychologists, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Fitness Experts and more.