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The Wellness Advantage Challenge – Make Wellness Your Competitive Advantage

Have you ever considered that having a healthy body could be your competitive advantage, that improved wellness could be the reason you become a better parent, get a better job, or run a better business?

Whether you’re an individual, group, or business, we want to give you “The Wellness Advantage“, which we define as the optimal state of health of an individual or organization when productivity is at its highest and health-related expenses are at their lowest.

We want to make health and wellness your competitive advantage – so you can live a positive, productive, and inspired life.

What is The Wellness Advantage Challenge?

The Wellness Advantage Challenge is an 8-week group wellness program that rewards participants for learning and for completing various challenges designed to reduce chronic stress on their bodies. Over 9 live video sessions, daily educational emails, and optional daily Challenge Trackers to track their progress, participants gain a clear understanding of how and why the most commonly overlooked habits involving nutrition, exercise, mindset, breathing, overanalysis, and other stressors may be preventing them from reaching their wellness goals, and contributing to chronic problems like weight gain, fatigue, cravings, hormone imbalance, PMS, low sex drive, and other more serious health issues.

Employee health and wellness first, competition second.

The Wellness Advantage Challenge was created to give today’s working professionals the tools necessary to make more informed health decisions. Although participants can choose to compete for points*, improved health and knowledge is the priority. This ‘competition is optional‘ approach allows participants to focus on what’s important to them as individuals, while still ensuring they get the knowledge they need to improve their health and ultimately make better long term choices for themselves and their families.

Individual / Workplace Program Details

As a participant, you’ll receive:

  • weekly online sessions designed to educate you about topics such as hydration, diet, fitness, breathing, screen time, mindset, overanalysis, multi-tasking and more;
  • a clear understanding of why it’s important for you to make certain health choices while avoiding other diet, exercise and lifestyle fads and trends;
  • weekly challenges to help you introduce realistic, healthy habits into your daily life;
  • daily emails full of well-researched health advice and inspiration;
  • daily points for completing each week’s challenges (points will be more important to those who want to compete);
  • an introduction to ‘The Cheat Principle’, a proven concept to help you live a healthy life and maintain results, but not feel deprived;
  • access to multiple resources including Recipe Books, Meal Planning Guidelines, the Avoid List and more;
  • a final Q&A session with Nicole to answer your most pressing health questions and get tips for how to successfully move forward.


INVESTMENT: $39.95 per session x 9 sessions = $359.55 + applicable taxes.

Signup as a Corporate Team or Private Group.

1. Start a Group Employee Wellness Challenge: Complete this form to join an employer-initiated program where colleagues participate from one or more locations of the same organization. Minimum 6 participants.

2. Start a Private Group Wellness Challenge: Complete this form to join with a group of friends and participate in your own private challenge on a schedule that works for you. Minimum 6 participants.

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