The 4-Week Kickstarter

A customized wellness coaching program to give you a healthy ‘kick’ in the right direction!


The 4-Week Kickstarter

Are you motivated to feel better and get results, but don’t know where to start? Then good news…you’re in the right place!

The 4-Week Kickstarter is an introductory Private Coaching Program designed to give you a healthy ‘kick’ in the right direction. You’ll begin to understand how stress impacts your nervous system and hormones, and dive deeper into 5 of the Top 10 hidden stressors that could very well be keeping you from reaching your health and wellness goals,

This 4-week, 5-session, 29-day program is perfect for you if:

  • you need a little (or a lot of!) motivation to jumpstart your health,
  • you want to better understand why you’re tired, craving sugar, anxious, stressed, bloated, and can’t seem to lose weight,
  • you want customized advice instead of relying on search engines for advice, and
  • you see the benefit of having a daily Coach in your corner to provide ongoing motivation, customization, education, and accountability to help you get back on track.

If this sounds like you, then The 4-Week Kickstarter is a great place to start!

Nicole Porter Wellness seminars

What should you expect from The 4-Week Kickstarter wellness program?

Weekly Coaching. Daily Education. Ongoing Support.

Each week, you’ll receive a challenge intended to help you reduce the impact of a new stressor, giving you 7 days to work on integrating that habit into your life and then receive continued support as you aim to maintain the new habit long term. Weekly coaching sessions and ongoing daily support provide continued advice, motivation and customization that is crucial to long-term success.

Similar to having a personal trainer, you’ll receive new information, challenges and tools each week, and have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get answers to your most pressing health concerns.

Over 4 weeks, 5 sessions, and 29 days of customized coaching , you’ll receive:

  • Weekly coaching sessions to keep you accountable to the weekly lessons, review your progress, answer questions, address other stressors that may be impacting your health, and ensure you’re on track to reach your goals,
  • Weekly videos providing valuable education about how your daily bad habits can cause chronic wear and tear (aka stress) on the body and may be contributing to your health complaints and imbalances,
  • Daily emails to educate and motivate,
  • Daily check-ins from Nicole to ensure you’re on track, and to provide guidance and motivation outside of your weekly sessions and daily emails.


Your Top 5 Habits

Beginning with an in-depth analysis and Personalized Wellness Plan, The Kickstarter introduces you to the Top 5 most commonly overlooked habits that may be preventing you from reaching your wellness goals.

These include:

  1. Hydration
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sleep
  4. Screen Time
  5. Exercise

Session 1:

    • a Personalized Wellness Plan including tailored feedback on factors that may be adding stress to your body and keeping you from reaching your goals,
    • a Meal Plan and Supplementation Recommendations based on your suspected deficiencies, imbalances, health goals and preferences,
    • a 7-Day Wellness Planner to help you successfully schedule the key pillars of wellness into your life, and
    • resources including the Avoid List, Meal Planning Guidelines, Food Rules, and Recipe Books.

This program may be upgraded to the 8-Week Signature Wellness Challenge or the 12-Week Vitality Program at any time.


$495 for Session 1 + $150 per week for 4 remaining sessions
(Total Investment: $1,095 plus tax)

Results will vary by individual. This program is non-cancellable. 


Working with Nicole was a terrific decision. Feeling like I had become stagnant with some of my health goals of late, Nicole was able to give me the right balance of practical skills, key knowledge and a kick in the butt when needed. The extra accountability, along with the steady feedback and real-world solutions, was invaluable in getting ‘unstuck’ and making tangible progress on my health goals. I would highly recommend her to friends and family.

Ben C

I have always known the importance of a healthy diet, exercise, drinking plenty of water and getting a good nights sleep; however, Nicole Porter’s weekly challenges and ability to keep me accountable have finally enabled me put knowledge into action.  It’s been several months since I completed the program and I feel like I’ve made lifelong habit changes. Thank you Nicole!

Len A.

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