The 4-Week Kickstarter

The 4-Week Kickstarter is just that – a healthy and helpful ‘kick’ to move you in the right direction!  A 4-week/5-session program (available online or in person), The Kickstarter is perfect for those who want or need to jumpstart their health, are seeking a fresh approach to wellness, or want a shorter or more affordable alternative to the 8-Week Vitality Program or 12-Week Signature Wellness Challenge. Beginning with an in-depth analysis and Personalized Wellness Plan, The Kickstarter introduces you to the top 4 most commonly overlooked habits that may be preventing you from reaching your wellness goals.

Weekly coaching sessions and unlimited email support provide the ongoing advice, motivation and customization that is crucial to long-term success. Similar to having a personal trainer, you’ll receive new information, challenges and tools each week, and have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get answers to your most pressing health concerns. This program can be upgraded to the 8-Week Vitality Program or the 12-Week Signature Wellness Challenge at any point.


Over 4 weeks (5 sessions), you’ll receive:

  • Personalized Wellness Plan addressing the top 3 suspected imbalances in your body,
  • a mini seminar about how daily habits cause chronic wear and tear (aka stress) on the body and how your own habits may be contributing to your health complaints and imbalances,
  • a customized meal plan, Meal Planning Guidelines, and recipe books,
  • vitamin and supplement recommendations,
  • activity guidelines,
  • weekly coaching sessions to review the past week, introduce your next wellness challenge, answer questions, address other stressors that may be impacting your health, and ensure you’re on track to meet your goals,
  • ongoing email support to provide guidance outside of your weekly sessions,
  • a final wrap up session to set you up for success once the program is complete, and 
  • private access to your online profile and all documents.
  • Upon completion, you can add more sessions or sign up for the NPW Membership program.


If your health is holding you back from being the best version of yourself, know you’re not alone. But also know that you don’t need to feel this way forever, regardless of how many diet and exercise programs you’ve tried.

Get ready to shift the way you think about wellness. Get ready to find your new awesome.

Your Investment:  SAVE 15% UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30, 2018 |  $250.75 FOR SESSION 1; $63.75 PER WEEK FOR REMAINING 4 WEEKS (plus applicable taxes)

REGULAR PRICE: $595 | ON NOW FOR $505.75

Intake forms must be completed at least 3 business days prior to Session 1. First and last sessions can be completed in person. All other sessions occur via Zoom, FaceTime, or phone. Results will vary by individual. This program is non-cancellable. 



Do I have to pay for the whole program upfront?

No, you’ll only be asked to pay for the first session upfront. Then, each session will be billed to your credit card weekly at the time of your appointment.

What happens after I book Session 1?

Once you book Session 1 online, you’ll receive 2 intake forms via email. It will take you about 60 minutes to complete the forms so be sure to set aside the appropriate amount of time. These forms will then need to be submitted at least 3 days prior to Session 1.

Are the sessions in person or online?

The first and last sessions can be in person, but all other sessions are via Zoom, FaceTime or phone. You can choose which options you prefer when you fill out your first intake form.

How long are the sessions?

The first session is 90 minutes. The last session is 30 minutes. All other sessions are 15 minutes. Ongoing email support will help to answer any questions or concerns throughout the program.

Can I ask questions between sessions?

Yes!  This is where a lot of the value comes in because you get personalized coaching for the entire program every single week. You receive unlimited email support throughout the entire program.

Is there an expiry on The Kickstarter?

The Kickstarter is intended to be completed within 4 weeks; however sessions can be adjusted as necessary.

What if I need more than 4 weeks to achieve my goals?

Everyone responds differently and integrates lifestyle change at a different pace.  If you require more than 4 weeks, you can upgrade to the 8-Week Vitality Program or the12-Week Signature Wellness Challenge.

I haven’t received any emails from you yet. What should I do?

  1. Log in to your Jane account (top right hand corner of this website) to ensure your email address in your profile is correct.
  2. If the above is correct, check your spam folder for 2 intake forms from
  3. If the email is not in your spam folder, contact or 604.569.0337 to have the forms resent.