A practical, realistic, and empowering series teaching you how to reduce stress, build immunity, and optimize your health and mindset during and after a pandemic

The Stress Series

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in us spending more time in front of a screen, organizations and groups are requesting shorter online seminars.  As a result, we’ve created ‘The Stress Series’, a series of 30-45 minute seminars aimed at helping participants create healthy routines and habits that help reduce stress on the body and mind. Full details and topics are below.

Seminars are available in 2 formats:

  1. Online & Live: Participants join a live Zoom meeting and presentation and have 15 minutes to ask questions after the seminar.
  2. On Demand: Perfect for shift workers, teams with conflicting schedules, or those who want to watch a recording on their own schedule.

Currently, we have four seminars available, but additional seminars will be added. If you’d like a specific topic addressed for your group or business, please refer to the list of available 1 hour Wellness Seminars or submit your request here.

All participants receive a discount on The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge. All seminars include a Q&A session, can be booked for groups of any size across multiple locations, and can be customized for a company’s goals, disciplines and management teams.


The Stress Series | Seminar Topics

$695 per seminar or $595 each for 2 or more

All seminar participants receive a discount on The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge.  

Healthcare workers, non-profit and volunteer organizations, please contact us to book your free seminar.

The Quarantine Routine

Customize a daily stress reduction checklist for short and long term health. Addresses nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, exercise, screen time and more.

We’ve been thrown into an extreme situation, requiring us to immediately adapt to a routine that not only restricts us to the walls we live within, but also tests our abilities to stay physically and mentally healthy despite extreme mental and emotional stress. In this straightforward, informative, and practical session, Nicole describes an ideal routine to stay healthy during this pandemic and beyond. Participants can use this routine as a checklist to customize their own schedule.  

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Avoiding ‘The Quarantine 15’

“Bite-sized” tips to manage your waistline during and after COVID-19

It didn’t take long for people to start worrying about ‘The Quarantine 15’, the dreaded extra 15 pounds that could be gained as a result of eating more and moving less during this restrictive and stressful time. In this seminar, Nicole provides realistic advice and immediate tips to help participants manage stress eating, cravings and weight gain during and after this pandemic.  

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Good Food = Good Mood.

What you eat affects how you think. 

Designed to help you understand the role that nutrition plays in mental health, this seminar explains how what you eat and drink affects every cell in your body, impacting mood, productivity and happiness. Combining her experience in nutrition, healthy weight loss, fitness, and mindfulness based stress reduction, Nicole helps participants understand the connection between diet and mindset, shifting the way you think about what, when, why and how you eat.

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Stop, Breathe & Sleep. Your Health Depends on It.

Learn why being still gets better results – in health, happiness and productivity.

Did you know that weight is loss when you exhale? Did you know that multi-tasking is not good for your brain? Did you know that a lack of sleep increases stress hormones, decreases testosterone and can contribute to premature aging – inside and out? If you’re under the impression that the only way to get ahead is to always be doing, doing doing, then this seminar is for you. Combining scientific evidence with mindfulness, this 30-minute session will help you understand why stillness, mindful breathing, and rest are absolute necessities for better health – whether you’re in the middle of a global pandemic or not! Incorporating a practical element, this half hour of doing ‘nothing’ could be your most productive 30 minutes yet!

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Overlooked Habits Contributing to Stress & Anxiety

An Introduction to the Top 10 habits that stress out your body and mind

Without a doubt, stress can be caused by worry, fear, and a life-altering global pandemic. But the body and mind are also put under stress from poor diet, dehydration, lack of sleep, imbalanced exercise programs, always being on the go, too much screen time and other common habits that we repeat everyday. Introducing participants to the Top 10 habits that stress out the body and mind, Nicole explains how these habits impact every cell in the body and brain, contributing to anxiety, low immunity, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, weight gain, bone loss, hormones, digestion, immunity, weight, and other chronic imbalances.

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“Nicole’s Stress & Wellness Seminar was outstanding.”

Every business needs team members who are productive and happy. At Xeva Mortgage, we understand that, in order to be productive and happy, you must also be healthy. So we started the year making the health of our brokers and partners a priority.

To educate our team, we invited Nicole to our annual conference to speak about stress. Amongst other things, we learned how stress can be more than getting a mortgage approved, managing client expectations, or trying to find work-life balance. Stress also comes in the form of habits like poor diet, dehydration, too much screen time, imbalanced exercise programs and overthinking, which can impact our physical health, yes, but also our mental and emotional health, which can ultimately impact productivity and happiness.

Nicole’s Stress & Wellness Seminar was outstanding – eye opening, informative, and presented in a way that made difficult concepts easy to understand. Thank you, Nicole, for being so passionate about what you do, and for helping to set up the Xeva team for success in the coming years.

Trevor Hansen, Partner/Broker, XEVA Mortgage