You’ve joined The Wellness Advantage™️ Challenge…

… and now you feel like you need a bit of additional support and education, right? Well, you’re not alone and you’re in the right place! The services below are available exclusively for participants of The Wellness Advantage™️ Challenge and have been designed to help you get the most out of your TWAC program. Although not mandatory, we recommend booking a Personalized Wellness Plan first.

Personalized Wellness Plan

The Personalized Wellness Plan provides detailed feedback on your current health, habits and stress levels, along with the additional customization and resources you might need to fully capitalize on The Wellness Advantage Challenge.


In this 60-minute online session, you’ll view and receive an official presentation which includes:

  • tailored feedback on diet, exercise, hydration, screen time and other factors adding stress to your body and keeping you from optimal health
  • a 7-day Meal Plan customized to your suspected deficiencies, imbalances, and preferences,
  • Supplement Recommendations, and
  • a 7-Day Wellness Planner to help you successfully schedule the key pillars of The Wellness Advantage™️ Challenge into your life.

INVESTMENT:  $295 (plus applicable taxes) | Intake form must be completed 3 business days prior to your session. Additional private coaching sessions or nutritional evaluation may be recommended.  This session occurs online via Zoom. Results will vary by individual. 


Private Coaching Sessions

Similar to having a tutor for The Wellness Advantage Challenge, Private Coaching Sessions provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about your own private health concerns and receive further knowledge and clarification of wellness concepts presented in The Wellness Advantage™️ Challenge.


In each 30-minute session, you’ll receive:

  • additional coaching and education to help you make the most of The Wellness Advantage™️ Challenge
  • advice that is tailored to you and your private health concerns
  • recommendations on how to best reach your health goals (ie/Personalized Wellness Plan, additional coaching sessions, or a more detailed nutrition, fitness or other assessment)

* In order to make the best use of your time and investment, we recommend you take notes during each session and come prepared with your questions.

INVESTMENT:  $75 (plus applicable taxes) per session | Sessions may be booked individually or as a package. Sessions occur online via Zoom. Results will vary by individual. 


I always thought I knew what I was supposed to do when it came to exercise and food. But I wasn’t getting results and if I’m honest, I kept blaming it on my jam-packed work and travel schedule. Even then, this entire experience was an education! The Personalized Wellness Plan was what I needed.  I know I will do sessions in the future just to fine tune things but I finally feel like I have an understanding of what I need to do long term. And Nicole, I do appreciate how well you listen and how much you care. Thank you. – David S.