The Intro Session

Are you tired of relying on Google for health advice?

If you want answers to your specific health questions, the Intro Session is a great start!  During this 60 minute session (in person or via FaceTime/Skype), you’ll get direct answers to your questions, discuss your concerns and challenges, and be provided with realistic solutions to improve your health and reduce stress on your body.

You’ll also receive Nicole’s Wellness Fundamentals (the basics to better health), Meal Planning Guidelines, Recipe Books, and other documents that will help reduce stress on your body.

If you’d like to pursue a more in-depth program, you can book one of our Wellness Programs or a Personalized Wellness Plan, both of which include a fully customized plan that considers your health concerns, goals, challenges, imbalances, deficiencies, and busy schedule.

Your Investment:  $150


I was pleasantly surprised by Nicole’s Intro Session. I’d been struggling with low energy for a long time and although I realize there’s only so much health advice you can give someone in 60 minutes without having all the data you need, I walked away with tips I could implement immediately.  And it was about more than nutrition – we talked stress, exercise, hydration, even how much time I’m on my phone – things I just hadn’t considered could be making me so tired. I’ve learned so much and really appreciated feeling so supported.

– Melissa W

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