Stress and Wellness Seminars

Wellness Education to help you balance a busy schedule with a healthy life


| Now, more than ever, your team needs to be healthy.

Whether your team works from home or at the office, they need to be productive. To be productive, they need to be healthy. To stay healthy, they need to get educated.

Grounded in evidence-based research, our Health and Wellness Seminars simplify complicated health information, helping participants decipher between truth and trends so they can better manage their physical and mental stress, feel confident in the decisions they’re making, and learn how to balance a healthy life with a busy schedule.

All Seminars are available as 60 minutes (some available as 90 minutes), include a Q&A session, and are delivered live, online via Zoom.  Upon request, seminars can be customized for a company’s goals, disciplines and management teams. All participants and their friends and families receive a discount on our self-regulated online courses such as The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge.

| Testimonials from the Workplace

“The most beneficial part of our corporate wellness initiative was Nicole’s seminar.”
-Adera Development-

A smaller group of us also signed up for her 8-week team challenge. Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your knowledge and experience so we could understand some really complicated health topics, for being so supportive during our group challenge… Read the full testimonial.

Sh’eli Mullin, Executive Administrator, Adera Development

“We finally know how to approach life to get the most of it.”
-SunLife Financial-

I was looking for a more holistic approach and when I met Nicole Porter, I knew I had found it. Her passion and knowledge of wellness shone through the entire session. I can speak for my entire team when I say we finally know how to approach life to get the most of it. Read the full testimonial.

Wayne G. Miller,  Associate Vice-President, Marketing & Business Development, Sun Life Financial

“Nicole’s Stress & Wellness Seminar was outstanding.”
-XEVA Mortgage-

Nicole’s Stress & Wellness Seminar was outstanding – eye opening, informative, and presented in a way that made difficult concepts easy to understand. Thank you, Nicole, for being so passionate about what you do, and for helping to set up the Xeva team for success in the coming years. Read the full testimonial.

Trevor Hansen, Partner/Broker, XEVA Mortgage

| These seminars are for your business if…

Your team is unsure how to start or maintain a healthy and productive routine, especially while working from home or in a new working environment.

You’re looking for a healthy way to unite and motivate your colleagues.

You want to reward your team through education and access to more affordable wellness programs.

| Choose your package

Single Seminar | $995

A single, live, online seminar designed to teach busy professionals how to avoid the Top 10 daily stressors impacting their physical and mental health.


  • One Live Seminar with Q&A, Online
  • Let’s Talk About Stress is recommended, though any seminar can be chosen.
  • Participants receive discount on all online courses, including The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge

The Foundation Series | $3,795

A series of 4 wellness seminars designed to introduce a solid foundation of stress, nutrition, exercise and wellness knowledge.



The 360 Wellness Series | $9,995

A full year of wellness education to empower your team with the knowledge they need to stay healthy, motivated and productive – from home or the office.



| Stress & Wellness Seminar Topics

  Seminar 1 | Let’s Talk About Stress: Discover the Top 10 unhealthy habits that stress out the body and mind and prevent optimal health, mindset and productivity.
  Seminar 2 | The Top 10 Food Mistakes: Do you think you’re following a healthy diet? Learn the Top 10 food-related mistakes that could be keeping you from reaching your wellness goals.
  Seminar 3 | The Mind Games of Exercise: Get ready to shift the way you think about how, when, where and why you move your body.
  Seminar 4 | The Stress-Less Routine (previously titled The Quarantine Routine): Small things you can do every day to free yourself from physical and mental stress | Also available as a 90-minute seminar incorporating extra content about nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.
  Seminar 5 | Choose Stillness Over Illness: Understand what mindfulness really means and why slowing down may be the key to getting ahead.
  Seminar 6 | The Sleep-Screen Connection: Understand why your physical and mental health may depend on you getting a little more sleep and a lot less screen time.
  Seminar 7 | Habit Change. It’s All In Your Head: Learn how your mind – and your mindset – affects your ability to change your habits and your outcomes.
  Seminar 8 | The Inefficiencies of Multi-Tasking: Learn why doing only one thing at a time might make you more productive than ever – at home and at work.
  Seminar 9 | Good Food. Good Mood: A Coach & Counsellor combination to help you manage your mood and mindset with proper diet and thoughtful coping strategies.
  Seminar 10 | Using The Cheat Principle™ to Manage Cravings: Understand the role that stress, diet, and incorrect exercise programs play in cravings, plus learn the basics of The Cheat Principle™.
  Seminar 11 | Weight Loss is an Inside Job: Learn why extreme diet and exercise programs could be making us sick and why they’re not the key to long-term weight loss.
  Seminar 12 | Overthinking. Get Out of your Head and Into Your Body: Learn how your thoughts impact your health and why ‘overthinking’ can keep you from mastering one of life’s most important skills.

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