The Wellness Advantage™ Corporate/Group Challenge

With almost $17 billion lost on absenteeism annually, it’s clear that a healthy, thriving team is not leading the list of competitive advantages in the Canadian workplace. But when most of the working population suffers from some level of fatigue, weight management challenge, emotional/physical pain, or other nagging or more serious health issue, it’s not shocking that excessive workdays are missed, contributing to increased medical expenses and decreased productivity, sales, and profitability. And this illness doesn’t just affect us professionally; it also affects us personally. 

The question is: how do you fix it?

This is where we come in. We want to give businesses and busy professionals “The Wellness Advantage™”, which we define as: an optimal state of health of an individual or organization when productivity is at it’s highest and health-related expenses are at their lowest.

Perfect for businesses and their employees or a group of friends who want to get healthy together, The Wellness Advantage™ Corporate/Group Challenge is an informative, realistic, and challenging yet motivating 8-week (9-session) program that provides an affordable and effective way for groups of any size to get healthy, earn rewards, and make wellness a means of getting ahead of the competition.


Beginning with an educational wellness seminar, participants will gain a clear understanding of how overlooked daily habits related to nutrition, sleep, hydration, screen time, mindset, over-analysis, and more are contributing to chronic problems like fatigue, cravings, weight gain, joint pain or other more serious health issues. Each week, participants will attend a 30 minute online group coaching session where they’ll receive weekly challenges, get answers to some of the top questions of the week, and see where they rank amongst their peers.  The program wraps up with prizing for all, an amazing healthy lunch, and awards for various accomplishments throughout the program. Fitness, yoga, meditation and other wellness activities may be added upon request. Additional fees apply.

In the end, participants receive well-researched health advice, resources and encouragement directly from an expert coach; strengthen relationships with colleagues and friends; and reap the rewards of maintaining positive change for 8 weeks, the perfect amount of time to start seeing lasting change in the body – inside and out.


What could be better than being rewarded for getting healthier? With better health, everyone ends up being a winner, but the top placing participants will also be eligible to win prizing from our preferred vendors including private chef services, food delivery, groceries, spas, stylists, and more!


Whether you’re an individual wanting to get healthier or you’re considering this program for your business, we want wellness to be your competitive advantage.  The Wellness Advantage™ Corporate Challenge will empower you and your colleagues or friends with the knowledge and tools you need to take back control of your health so you stop relying on fad diets, extreme exercise programs, unnecessary medications, search engine advice, and other marketing trends. 


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