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Did you know you likely have 10 daily habits that are keeping you from reaching your health and wellness goals?

These habits can stress out your body, making it harder to lose weight, increase energy, overcome sugar cravings, improve digestion, and be happier, just to name a few.

The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge

The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge is an empowering and mind-shifting program designed to teach you how to overcome the Top 10 unhealthy habits that could be stressing out your body and keeping you from reaching your wellness goals.

Once you’re in the program, you’ll learn why these habits – dehydration, poor nutrition, excessive screen time, lack of sleep, incorrect exercise programs, poor breathing, multi-tasking, lack of social support, even a negative mindset – put stress on your body, and can contribute to common complaints like weight gain, fatigue, bloating, cravings, headaches, PMS, anxiety, and other serious health issues.

The ultimate goal?

To raise the bar on wellness so that feeling AWESOME becomes your new normal!

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What should you expect from The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge?


Each week, you’ll watch a video that explains how your health may be affected by one or more of the most common habits putting stress on your body.

At the end of the video, you’ll receive a Primary Challenge (and Bonus Challenge) to help you reduce the impact of those stressors and mindfully integrate new, healthy habits into your life.


Daily “Notes from Nicole” will continue to educate you on the week’s topics and keep you inspired as you learn to maintain the new habit long term.

To keep you on track, stay motivated and increase your odds of success, you’ll complete daily Accountability Trackers, giving you the option of a final ‘grade’ by the end of the course.


You’ll finish the program with the knowledge and tools you need to feel awesome!

You’ll also understand how positive habits related to nutrition, exercise, hydration, sleep, screen time, mindful breathing, multi-tasking, socializing, and overthinking can reduce stress on your body and help you reach and maintain your wellness goals – long term.

‘I lost 25 pounds and solved a digestive issue I’d had for almost 10 years.’

– Omer S.

Program Outline

Introduction to Stress, Habits & Mindset
Lesson 1 | Hydration
Lesson 2 | Nutrition
Lesson 3 | Sleep & Screens
Lesson 4 | Exercise & ‘The 360 Rule’
Lesson 5 | The Cheat Principle™
Lesson 6 | Mindful Breathing
Lesson 7 | Overanalysis
Lesson 8 | Multi-Tasking & Social Support
Lesson 9 | Your Next Challenge: Habit #11

Have questions?  We have answers.

‘This program changed my life.’
– Katie W.

from awesome clients!

“Nicole’s program resulted in long-term changes.”

Nicole’s work transformed me. Her program is the first that’s resulted in long term change of my body and habits. I always come back to the fundamentals of her program which support me to keep elevating my health and achieve personal goals I never would have dreamt I was capable of even a year ago.

-Katie W-

“Nicole’s program was worth every penny.”

Nicole has the unique ability to teach without preaching. Her deep knowledge is transformed into easy to follow principles that make a real and lasting difference. Both her skills and empathy are truly impressive. Her program was worth every penny. Thank you Nicole. You’ve made a huge difference to my life and your program was worth every penny.

-Ute P-

“Nicole is a phenomenal role model.”

Nicole is a well-organized health wellness provider that has clearly done extensive research in her field and thoroughly provides abundant support both through written material and by making herself available to ensure you succeed. She is a very positive, professional person and I recommend her program completely! She is a phenomenal role model.

-Geoff G-

“I would highly recommend Nicole’s program to friends and family.”

Feeling like I had become stagnant with some of my health goals, Nicole was able to give me the right balance of practical skills, key knowledge and a kick in the butt when needed. The extra accountability, along with the steady feedback and real-world solutions, was invaluable in getting ‘unstuck’ and making tangible progress on my health goals.

-Ben C-

“This program is way more
than just a diet.”

I signed up for Nicole’s 8-week program in January. Little did I know that her program is way more than just a diet, the results blew me away and 6 months in and 25 pounds later I am still following her program. It was one of the best decisions I have made and it was worth every cent!

-Omer S-

“A non-judgmental and knowledgeable environment, while keeping it real and having fun!”

I thought I knew what was stressful and where it came from… till I met Nicole! I’ve learned I was under a lot of chronic stress (the bad kind). We took action right away and reorganized my daily routine so I can considerably reduce the chronic stress. All that in a non-judgmental and knowledgeable environment while keeping it real and having fun.

-Flavie D-

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