8-Week Signature Wellness Challenge by Nicole Porter Wellness

The 8-Week Signature Wellness Challenge

The 8-Week Signature Wellness Challenge is an informative, empowering, and challenging yet motivating program that provides an adequate amount of time for the typical, busy professional to realize that it’s possible to be healthy while leading a demanding lifestyle.  The Program is ideal if you’re not getting the results you want from your current diet or exercise plan; have a hectic personal, work or travel schedule; are battling additional weight; have chronic health or digestive issues; or if you just want to be more in control of your health. 

Addressing the top 10 stressors negatively impacting the health of busy professionals, the 8-Week Signature Wellness Challenge will help you understand and overcome habits related to:

  • Hydration
  • Nutrition & The Cheat Principle to address long-term sugar cravings
  • Sleep
  • Screen Time
  • Exercise and The 360 Rule
  • Mindful Breathing
  • Overthinking
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Social Support
  • Mindset

Each week, you’ll receive a challenge intended to help you reduce the impact of a new stressor, giving you 7 days to work on integrating that habit into your life and then receive continued support as you aim to maintain the new habit long term. Weekly coaching sessions and unlimited email support provide the ongoing advice, motivation and customization that is crucial to long-term success.

Similar to having a personal trainer, you’ll receive new information, challenges and tools each week, and have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get answers to your most pressing health concerns.  This program can be upgraded to The 12-Week Vitality Program at any point.


Over 8 weeks (9 sessions), you’ll receive:

  • a Personalized Wellness Plan including tailored feedback on diet, exercise, hydration, screen time and other factors adding stress to your body and keeping you from optimal health,
  • a Meal Plan and Supplementation Recommendations customized to your suspected deficiencies, imbalances, health goals and preferences,
  • a 7-Day Wellness Planner to help you successfully schedule the key pillars of wellness into your life.
  • resources including the Avoid List (which foods to avoid on a regular basis), Meal Planning Guidelines (guidelines for how to prepare meals), Food Rules (rules to follow including tips on weight loss), and Recipe Books to ensure you have healthy meal options right out of the gate!
  • valuable education about why your daily bad habits cause chronic wear and tear (aka stress) on the body and may be contributing to your health complaints and imbalances,
  • weekly coaching sessions to keep you accountable to the weekly lessons, review your progress, answer questions, address other stressors that may be impacting your health, and ensure you’re on track to reach your goals, and
  • ongoing digital support to provide guidance outside of your weekly sessions. 


If you’re sick of feeling sick, tired of feeling tired, or just want to take control of your health before it takes control of you, then let’s talk.

Get ready to shift the way you think about wellness. Get ready to find your new awesome.

$295 FOR SESSION 1; $95 PER WEEK FOR REMAINING 8 WEEKS ($1,055 plus applicable taxes)

Weekly investment includes weekly coaching session and ongoing coaching throughout the week. Intake forms must be completed 3 business days prior to Session 1. First session may be completed in person. All other sessions occur online via Zoom. Additional private coaching sessions or nutritional evaluation may be recommended. Results will vary by individual. This program is non-cancellable. 


What a wonderful journey Nicole took me on. I now have a much greater understanding of how I am contributing to my own stress levels and how I can make better choices to manage my health more effectively. I loved that this was not just about nutrition but looked at all of the contributors and poor habits I have enabled and adopted over time. 
– CS