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Designed to help you get healthy on your own schedule, our spotlight health and wellness course includes The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge.

Private Coaching sessions may be added to any of these courses or seminars at any time to provide additional support and customization as you strive to reach your personal goals.

Workplace Wellness


Have you ever considered that having a healthy team could be your business’s competitive advantage, that improved wellness could be the reason your team is empowered, inspired, happy and productive, and the reason your business is increasingly thriving and profitable?

Through our Stress and Wellness Seminars and Group Coaching Programs, we want to give you “The Wellness Advantage™“: the optimal state of health of an individual or organization when productivity, happiness and inspiration is at its highest and health-related expenses, sick days and absenteeism are at their lowest.



Are you motivated to get healthier, lose weight, feel better in your body, but need a coach for the education, accountability and motivation to reach your goals?

Our 8 Week to Awesome Program includes weekly coaching sessions, daily emails, daily accountability and support, ensuring you receive the ongoing knowledge, advice, motivation and customization that is crucial for overcoming potential roadblocks and helping you reach long-term success. The Intro Session is also available if you’re not sure where to start or just need some motivation or advice from an expert.



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