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Giving You The Wellness Advantage™

When it comes to competitive advantages, most people automatically think of a cutting edge feature or technology. Rarely, if ever, is a healthy, thriving team on that list.

It’s time to shift the way you think about wellness in the workplace. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we want to give you “The Wellness Advantage™”, which we define as an optimal state of health of an individual or organization when productivity is at it’s highest and health-related expenses are at their lowest.

All private coaching and corporate wellness programs address critical workplace health topics such as nutrition, screen time, chronic pain, exercise, negativity and more. Through private coaching, corporate and public seminars & workshops, we deliver highly educational, well-researched, dynamic programs that are meant to educate and empower, showing busy professionals that it’s possible to be busy and healthy at the same time.

Finally, you and your team will have the tools you need to optimize your health, get ahead of your competition, and live your healthiest, most productive, and most inspired life yet.

12-Week Signature Wellness Challenge by Vancouver Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Nicole Porter Wellness


The 12-Week Signature Wellness Challenge is an informative, motivating and transformative coaching program that addresses 12 of the top daily habits contributing to less than optimal health. Whether you want to address chronic health problems, lose weight, or simply feel better overall, you’ll receive the education, accountability, and motivation required to help you reach your goals and understand why and how it’s possible to be busy and healthy at the same time.



The 8-Week Vitality Program is for those who need or want to optimize their health but realistically only have 8 weeks to dedicate. Similar to the 12-week and 4-week programs, the program addresses 8 of the most common overlooked habits derailing the health of busy professionals. With ongoing support and personalized coaching, the Vitality Program is effective, efficient and built to set you up for long term health success. 


A shorter and more affordable version of the 8-week and 12-week programs, The Kickstarter is 4 weeks of personalized wellness coaching to give you a healthy kick in the right direction. Addressing the top stressors contributing to wear and tear on the body, this program introduces you to the most commonly overlooked habits that may be preventing you from reaching your wellness goals.


The Wellness Advantage Corporate Wellness Challenge for Businesses and Busy Professionals


The Wellness Advantage™ Corporate Challenge is an informative and motivating yet challenging 8-week team-building program that provides an affordable and effective way for businesses and their team members to get healthier. With regular access to a reliable health information and weekly coaching to keep them on track, participants will finish the program empowered with the knowledge and success they need to live healthier lives – at work and at home.

Corporate Wellness Seminars by Vancouver Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Nicole Porter Wellness


There’s no time like the present to pump up your team. Our Corporate Wellness Seminars are dynamic and informative sessions that provide busy professionals with reliable, fact-based information they can use for themselves and their teams – at home and at work. Seminars occur at your place of work and can be scheduled before, during, or after office hours.

Wellness Workshops by Nicole Porter Wellness


Workshops provide affordable access to an expert who can discuss the most common health issues, dispel some of the typical myths around diet and exercise trends, provide insight into the factors that may be keeping you from success, and empower you with the knowledge you need to maximize your health and well-being.