The 4-Week Kickstarter

A customized wellness coaching program designed to reduce stress and kickstart success


| Kick your unhealthy habits. Kickstart your healthy life.

Are you motivated to feel better, but don’t know where to start? Or have you previously considered yourself healthy, but need some coaching and accountability to get back on track? Then you’re in the right place!

The 4-Week Kickstarter is an empowering and motivating Private Coaching program designed to kickstart your health. In 4 information-packed weeks, Nicole will teach you how the Top 10 Unhealthy Habits may be stressing out your body and mind. She’ll help you realize that no matter how long you’ve had a bad habit, you can change your behaviour (especially when you’ve got a Coach to help you every single day). And you’ll start to establish 5 of the Top 10 Healthy Habits required for optimal health, mindset and productivity.

Since you’ll probably get addicted to feeling good, you might decide to upgrade to a longer program. In that case, you can extend your program to The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge or The 12-Week MasterMind. If you would prefer to share this experience with a group of friends or colleagues, then a 4-Week Group Coaching Program is also available. And if you’d rather do the program on your own and you don’t really need a coach for customization and accountability, you can always sign up for the online course.

The 12-Week MasterMind by Nicole Porter Wellness

| What’s included in The 4-Week Kickstarter?

Personalized Wellness Plan

In Session 1, you’ll receive a Personalized Wellness Plan that includes:

  • an analysis of various lifestyle factors that may be adding stress to your body and therefore keeping you from reaching your goals,
  • a Meal Plan, Customized Recipe Book and Supplementation Recommendations based on your suspected deficiencies, imbalances, health goals and preferences,
  • other resources including The Avoid List, Meal Planning Guidelines, Food Rules, Recipe Books and more.

Weekly Sessions

Over a total of 5 private weekly coaching sessions, we’ll discuss your current progress, answer any of your immediate questions about any of the Top 10 habits, and review the upcoming focus (aka ‘challenge’) for the week.

These private coaching sessions are an integral part of the program, providing a weekly checkpoint that ensures you have the education and motivation necessary to excel in this program like you do in other areas of your life.

Daily Coaching & Accountability

To ensure you have all questions answered, stay on track, and build these new healthy habits long-term, you have access to Nicole every single day of your program.

You’ll also receive daily “Notes from Nicole” that continue to educate you on the week’s topics and keep you inspired as you learn to maintain the new habit long term.

Finally, to increase your odds of success, you’ll complete a daily Lifestyle Tracker, a tool that will help you and Nicole ensure you have the knowledge you need for long-term success.

Long-term Results

You’ll finish the program with the knowledge and tools you need to feel awesome!

You’ll also understand how positive habits related to nutrition, exercise, hydration, sleep, screen time, mindful breathing, multi-tasking, socializing, and overthinking can reduce stress on your body and help you reach optimal health and maintain your wellness goals – long term.

| This Private Coaching Program is for you if…

You need a little (or a lot of!) motivation to jumpstart your health,
You want to better understand why you’re tired, craving sugar, anxious, stressed, bloated, or can’t seem to lose weight,
You want customized advice instead of relying on search engines for advice, and
You see the benefit of having a daily Coach in your corner to provide ongoing motivation, customization, education, and accountability to help you get back on track.

| Some inspiring success from awesome clients

“I’m so happy that I found you.”
-Shelley, Private Coaching Client-

I wanted to say thank you and express how grateful I am for your guidance and wellness program. I know I’m only half way through, but I’m feeling so much better and am so happy that I found you! Read more

“What a wonderful journey Nicole took me on.”
-Claire Smith-

I now have a much greater understanding of how I am contributing to my own stress levels and how I can make better choices to manage my health… Read more

“Working with Nicole was a terrific decision.”
-Ben Chimes-

The extra accountability, along with the steady feedback and real-world solutions, was invaluable in getting ‘unstuck’ and making tangible progress on my health goals. I would highly recommend her to friends and family. Read more

| Private Coaching Program Outline

 Your Homework: Intake Form + An Introduction to Stress & Habit Change
Session 1: Personalized Wellness Plan, Meal Plan, Recipe Books, Food Rules, Meal Planning Guidelines + Week 1 Challenge
 Session 2: Nutrition
 Session 3: Sleep & Screens
 Session 4: Exercise and The 360 Rule™️

The 4-Week Kickstarter is also available as an Online Course or as a Group Coaching Program.

Are you ready to kick your unhealthy habits and find your new awesome?

Investment: $595 for Session 1 + $225 per week for 4 weeks

Total investment: $1,495 + tax. All prices in CAD.