Maintaining health, happiness and productivity during quarantine and beyond

The Quarantine Routine


| A healthy routine from morning to night

We’ve been thrown into an extreme situation, requiring us to immediately adapt to a routine that not only restricts us to the walls we live within, but also tests our abilities to stay physically and mentally healthy despite extreme mental and emotional stress. In this straightforward, informative, and practical session, Nicole describes an ideal routine to help avoid the Top 10 unhealthy habits that working professionals tend to repeat so that we can stay healthy during this pandemic and beyond.

This seminar is for you if:
You want realistic, expert advice to get back on track and be as healthy and productive as possible – in your home and professional life.

| What should you expect from The Quarantine Routine

Video Presentation

A 30-minute, information packed video will show you exactly how to break down your day into a Morning, Workday and Evening Routine.

Downloadable PDF

A downloadable one pager providing an exact checklist for each part of the day. This also allows you to see where you can customize the suggested routine to your own schedule.

Clarity and Confidence

You’ll finish the seminar with the knowledge and proven advice you need to stay healthy during and after this pandemic.

Special Offers

As a Nicole Porter Wellness ‘student’, you’ll receive additional offers on other courses, seminars and coaching programs so that you can stay as healthy, happy and productive as possible!

| Testimonials

“Thank you. I learned so much!”

I can’t believe how much information you put into that one video! Thank you. I learned so much!

“Your presentation was awesome.”
-Rachael Wells, Bridgehouse-

That was fantastic! Went very smoothly, and your presentation was awesome. Looking forward to the next one.

“The presentation was full of good information.”

I just wanted to comment on how much I enjoyed the webinar with Nicole Porter yesterday. It was full of good information, positively presented and for an appropriate length of time.

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