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Confucius once said “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope.” This is why, at Nicole Porter Wellness, our core value is education. Because when you’re educated about a certain topic – improving your health, for example – it can give you a sense of hope, a sense of control over your outcome. And when you have more control over your outcome, it can ultimately reduce stress in your body and mind. Less stress = improved health.

This library of online courses and seminars was created to give anyone, with any budget, access to evidence-based wellness information in the hopes that education will breed confidence, confidence will breed hope, and hope will breed better health. Healthcare workers, charities, and non-profits, please contact us for special rates.

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The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge™️

The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge™️ is an informative, empowering and results-driven program designed to reduce stress on your body so that you can reach your health and wellness goals – physically and mentally. The ultimate outcome? To empower you with knowledge, to give you realistic and sustainable solutions, and to raise the bar on wellness so that feeling awesome becomes your new normal.

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| Educational Seminars

Online course - The quarantine routine,

The Quarantine Routine

In this straightforward, informative, and practical session, Nicole describes an ideal routine to help avoid the Top 10 unhealthy habits that working professionals tend to repeat so that we can stay healthy during this pandemic and beyond.

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Avoiding ‘The Quarantine 15’

It didn’t take long for people to start worrying about ‘The Quarantine 15’, the dreaded extra 15 pounds that could be gained as a result of eating more and moving less during this restrictive and stressful time. In this seminar, Nicole provides realistic advice and immediate tips to help participants manage stress eating, cravings and weight gain during and after this pandemic.

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Let’s Talk About Stress

Revealing the Top 10 unhealthy habits derailing the health of today’s working professional, Nicole explains why today’s definition of ‘stress’ needs to be redefined; how stress impacts immunity, digestion, mental health, and other key systems in the body; and why getting these habits under control can result in overwhelming health, happiness, and productivity – at work and at home.

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Good Food. Good Mood.

Designed to help you understand the role that nutrition plays in mental health, this seminar explains how what you eat and drink affects every cell in your body, impacting mood, productivity and happiness. Coming soon…

Stop. Breathe. Sleep.

If you’re under the impression that the only way to get ahead is to always be doing, doing doing, then this seminar is for you. Combining scientific evidence with mindfulness, this 30-minute session will help you understand why stillness, mindful breathing, and rest are absolute necessities for better health, and why this half hour of doing ‘nothing’ could be your most productive 30 minutes yet! Coming soon…

The Top 10 Food Mistakes of Busy Professionals

Whether your goal is to reach a healthy weight, manage anxiety, or overcome fatigue, sugar cravings, digestive issues, headaches, brain fog, or other chronic health complaints, you’ll walk away with realistic solutions and a fresh and informed outlook on what, when, where and why you eat. Coming soon…

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