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“What great information and very clearly presented. I loved the way that you illustrated how stress impacts all of the body systems. Thank you, I have a new appreciation for the body as a stress fighter.”

Jeff Coffey, Tarrant Regional Water District

Get healthy. Get results. Get credit.

In today’s relentless, fast-paced world, managing your health and your stress needs to be top priority.

But with days full of screen time, multi-tasking, and eating on the go, today’s working professional is adding stress to their bodies and brains – without even knowing it.

Our library of stress and wellness courses combines proven strategies with a modern approach, helping you overcome Hidden Stress and empowering you with the evidence-based knowledge and realistic tools you need to manage your stress, your health and your life.

Get ready to get results – one course at a time.

*All courses include quizzes and may be eligible for Professional Development credits. Please ensure the content you purchase is accredited by your industry association or governing body.

“Nicole did an online presentation yesterday and blew me out of the water with her knowledge. Signing up and I can’t wait for this journey to begin.”

Shereese Luby, Seminar Attendee & 8 Weeks to Awesome Student

Let’s Talk About Stress

Let’s Talk About Stress will help you identify which of the Top 10 Hidden Stressors are sabotaging your physical and mental health – without you even knowing it. For most people, financial pressure, tight deadlines, or relationships immediately come to mind as sources of stress. But today’s busy professionals add stress to their bodies and minds in other ways too.

In this thought-provoking presentation, Nicole takes a strategic and innovative approach to health and habit change, demonstrating why it’s imperative that today’s busy professionals prioritize Hidden Stress in order to get results, manage day to day stress, and optimize their physical, mental, and emotional health.


Train Your Brain for Habit Change

Train Your Brain for Habit Change helps you discover why it is 100% possible for you to change your habits – regardless of how ‘unhealthy’ your habits are today.

How long does it take to change habits? How do I change my habits if I have no will power? And how do I change my habits long term? These are common questions when it comes to transforming behaviour.

In Train Your Brain for Habit Change, Nicole takes a fresh approach to behaviour change, helping you discover why the old school habit change model doesn’t work, why getting results requires a shift in thinking, and why transforming your behaviour to transform your life doesn’t have to be an insurmountable feat.


The Stress Less Routine

The Stress Less Routine demonstrates the ideal stress-reducing routine, integrating small things you can do every day to free yourself from physical and mental stress.

A routine isn’t only necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s also a means of reducing stress, and creating the balance and predictability that your body and brain need to thrive. But then what is the ideal routine? And how do you adjust it to accommodate a work schedule that might be on site, at home, hybrid, in transit, or in shifts?

Loaded with practical advice, this factual presentation demonstrates the ideal stress-reducing routine, demonstrating how, when and why you can integrate small things every day to free yourself from physical, mental, and emotional stress.


The Stress Less Bundle

Discover a realistic, innovative, and evidence-based approach to reducing stress and enhancing your physical and mental health with our transformative Stress Less Bundle: Let’s Talk About StressTrain Your Brain for Habit Change, and The Stress Less Routine. 

Designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to live a healthy and inspired life, this collection of foundational courses introduces you to the The Hidden Stress Model, provides unique and valuable insight into what it takes to maintain long-term habit change, and then demonstrates what steps are necessary to create the ideal stress reducing routine.

You’ll walk away inspired and motivated by the evidence and advice you need to experience life-long transformation.

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“Since being on your program, my partner’s blood sugar has gone from 23 at its highest to below 7. I finally have faith that he can at least reduce his medication, and maybe even eliminate it altogether!”

Rebecca Maxwell

The Nutrition Fundamentals

The Nutrition Fundamentals offers specific and realistic advice for why and how to avoid the most commonly overlooked food-related mistakes.

Did you know that what you eat can affect your stress levels? In this eye-opening and fact-based seminar, Nicole will explain how your physical and mental health are impacted by Top 10 Nutritional Stressors – yes, there is such a thing as nutritional stress!

Whether you struggle to maintain a healthy weight, or you’re challenged with fatigue, headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, or other chronic health complaints, you’ll walk away with a fresh, science-based, informed outlook on what, when, where and why you eat.


The Mind Games of Exercise

The Mind Games of Exercise offers a fresh outlook on fitness, giving you new motivation to exercise, and introducing a simple formula for how much you should move your body.

For decades, society has underestimated the value of exercise, believing that its benefits are limited to burning calories or creating a better looking body. Ironically and sadly, these misconceptions are making us sick, fat and stressed out.Incorporating over 30 years of experience as a dancer, personal trainer, fitness instructor, pilates coach, marathon runner, and reformed calorie-counting over-exerciser, Nicole introduces The 360 Rule™️, a simple formula that demonstrates how today’s busy professional can follow a realistic, effective, and efficient fitness routine to reduce stress, optimize brain health, boost immunity, and get results.


The 7 Sleep Factors

The 7 Sleep Factors provides up-to-date and realistic advice for how to manage the 7 factors the can make or break your sleep.

Whether you struggle to get to sleep, stay asleep, or wake up feeling rested, you’ve likely realized that not getting enough rest can affect your stress levels, mood, and other aspects of your physical and mental health. But this doesn’t mean you need to rely on drugs or quick fixes to get the restorative sleep that is essential to optimal health.

In this informative, evidence-based, and eye-opening presentation, Nicole reveals the seven factors that contribute to a restful sleep, while providing practical solutions to help you create and maintain a sleep routine that reduces stress on your body and mind.


Choose Stillness Over Illness

Choose Stillness Over Illness demonstrates why optimal health and high performance is not a result of being busy, but is rooted in our ability to be still.

Although today’s fast paced lives have us convinced that always doing something means we’ll get more done, our addiction to multi-tasking, rushing, and being on the go is not just decreasing productivity, it’s negatively impacting our health – adding stress, overloading the nervous system, lowering IQ, increasing anxiety, imbalancing hormones, impairing memory, and more.

In Choose Stillness Over Illness, Nicole simplifies the science of stress and stillness, provides realistic suggestions for how to break the seemingly impossible habit of slowing down, and explains why optimal health, mindset and productivity is not linked to action, but is, instead, rooted in our ability to be still.


The Foundation Series

The Foundation Series is an inspiring and information-packed 7-part series that provides the knowledge needed to understand stress, habit change, and our core components of wellness, and create a realistic stress-reducing routine. You’ll walk away inspired and motivated by the evidence and advice you need to experience life-long transformation.

Let’s Talk About Stress + Train Your Brain for Habit Change + The Nutrition Fundamentals + The Mind Games of Exercise + The 7 Sleep Factors + Choose Stillness Over Illness + BONUS: The Stress Less Routine

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Overcoming Overthinking

Are you an over thinker? If you are, you’re not alone. In our personal and professional lives, analysis is necessary. But over analysis – the act of rumination, worrying, or being ‘stuck in your head’ – can affect your nervous system, imbalance hormones, and have a negative impact on your physical, mental and emotional health.

It is, however, a habit that can be broken.

Combining science with mindfulness, Nicole presents a unique approach to overcoming overthinking – one that can improve your health and mood, develop your ability to be more present and productive in life, and help you master an invaluable skill – the ability to listen to your innate intuitive sense.


Good Food, Good Mood

In this thought-provoking, evidence-based presentation, Nicole explains why the billions of cells in your brain must be fuelled with proper nutrition in order to optimally function, and how nutritional stress plays a key role in today’s growing mental health challenge.

You’ll walk away understanding how the food you eat affects your brain, how the health of your brain affects your physical and mental wellness, and which foods to consume (or not) in order to best manage your mood and mindset.


Energy: Recovering Your Most Valuable Resource

Feeling tired in the morning, mid afternoon, after dinner, or all day long is a common complaint. In fact, low energy or fatigue is one of the top 5 symptoms related to Hidden Stress.

Unfortunately, it’s also common to reach for food, drink or medications that promise to give us the boost we need to be productive, motivated and even manage stress.

But just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s right. These short-term fixes to increase energy are negatively affecting our long-term health.

In this presentation, Nicole passionately explains how Hidden Stress is draining your energy, highlights the most commonly overlooked habits that are keeping you tired, and provides realistic and proven solutions that can help you recover this valuable resource – starting today.


Failure to Focus

If you find it hard to focus or pay attention, you’re not alone. But before you reach for medication to control your train of thought, take comfort knowing that you have more power over your mind than you might think.

In Failure to Focus, Nicole explains why our inability to stay focused is one of the leading health complaints, making us unhealthy, unproductive, and stressed out.

Packed with evidence-based advice, you’ll walk away empowered with knowledge, motivated by realistic suggestions, and inspired by your ability to train your brain to focus.


The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge™ is an effective, realistic, forward-thinking program designed to help you identify and manage The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits adding stress to your body and brain, and preventing optimal physical and mental health.

Over 8 weeks, you’ll discover how to follow The Hidden Stress Framework™️, a proven and proprietary framework that will help you realize why you don’t need to be perfect to see progress, why you no longer have to rely on unhealthy diets and unrealistic exercise programs, and that habit change doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think!

And one last thing…you also get lifetime access to the program!


Have questions?


Where should I start?

We recommend that all students and clients start with Let’s Talk About Stress, which will simplify the science behind how the Top 10 Unhealthy Habits can keep you from feeling your best and managing stress.

In what order do you recommend completing the courses?

We recommend that you choose the courses that apply most to your symptoms (ie/low energy or inability to focus).

However, in order to gain a fundamental understanding of The Top 10 Hidden Stressors, we suggest you consider starting with:

1. Let’s Talk About Stress
2. Train Your Brain for Habit Change
3. The Nutrition Fundamentals

Beyond this, everyone will be a little different regarding where they need help and which topics resonate.

As an example, if you’re struggling with energy levels, you’ll want to watch Energy: Recovering Your Most Valuable Resource.

Or if you have a hard time focusing, you’ll want to watch Failure to Focus.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our wellness support team here.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have 1 year access from the date of purchase.

Do you offer a certificate or credit upon completion?

Yes. As long as you pass the quiz(zes), you’ll be able access your certificate via your account profile.

To obtain professional development or continuing education credits (CECs), contact your industry association.

Which resources are included with the courses?

All content is presented via video, but some courses may also include pdf’s, shorter videos, or other recommended resources.

How do I get access to coaching?

To gain access to coaching, you must register for The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge or enrol in The Wellness Advantage Challenge. 

However, if your organization/employer is participating in a corporate wellness program with NPW, your employer can add one or more coaching sessions with Nicole.

I've got more questions. Who should I contact?

We are happy to answer any of your questions. Email us here.

Nicole Porter Wellness

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