Nic’s Pick | Nairn’s Oat Crackers

I was introduced to these crackers about 20 years ago when I first started to get off of whole wheat.  The recipe has changed since way back then (!) but they’re still a healthy, non-wheat option where you can add hummus, nut butter, or cheese.  The outline below is straight from the Nairn’s website.  I buy these at Whole Foods.

Nairn’s Organic oat crackers are made with organic oats grown to strict USDA standards. There are so many organic whole grain oats packed into these crackers that there’s simply not much room for anything else. The result is a deliciously intense toasted oat flavor that is the perfect base for sweet or savory toppings. Whole grain oats are the healthier choice too as they slowly release energy making our crackers naturally energizing. So whether you’re snacking on the go or eating leisurely at home our guilt free Organic oat crackers are healthier for both you and the environment too.

Organic oat crackers are high in fiber and are made with organic whole grain oats to a wheat free recipe. They contain no added sugar, GM ingredients, artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.

Organic whole grain oats (89%), organic sunflower oil, organic palm fruit oil, sea salt, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate).

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Contains Gluten. Both our recipe and factory are nut free. We cannot guarantee that our ingredients are nut free. Manufactured on equipment that handles milk.

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