Healthy at 100 by John Robbins at Nicole Porter Wellness

Nic’s Pick | Healthy at 100

I made reference to this book in yesterday’s post about prostate cancer and wanted to elaborate on why else this book has made my “Nic’s Picks” list.

Besides the fact that the book was written by John Robbins, son of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream co-founder, Healthy at 100 explores 4 specific areas of the world that are known for their high population of centenarians (those who live to 100+) and supercentenarians (those who live to 110+). Even though these cultures are in distinctly different areas of the world, they have commonalities – their approach to diet, activity, stress and socializing/relationships. The result is they are the world’s healthiest and oldest people. No matter what your age, this book is worth the read and as world-renowned medical doctor Dean Ornish states: “Healthy at 100 is a masterpiece.”