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Undeniable sugar cravings…we’ve all been there…where you just can’t stop thinking about it until you have something sweet!  But the truth is, as much as you want to hear it or not, you shouldn’t have cravings. In most cases, they are a sign that there’s an imbalance in your body that is messing with your blood sugar. This could be for a number of reasons but most commonly, it’s from choosing the wrong foods, skipping meals, dieting, nutrient depletion, and even stress. The good news is that they can be fixed, or at least minimized by making better food choices (ie/ low glycemic foods, consuming healthy protein/fat at each meal) and managing your stress!

When I used to get migraines, I would crave sugar. Usually my go to was ice cream and if I was going to have ice cream, I needed something crunchy in it. Believe it or not, by the end of my program (which rid me of my migraines), I craved skim milk and had no sugar cravings.

But it was (and always is) a process getting to the point where you don’t crave sugar. So here are some of the cheats I used when I wanted a sweet and/or newer ones on the market that I’d happily recommend. They are all 100% natural. You can also check out Nic’s Picks for other product recommendations.

  • Full fat yogurt with maple syrup. You can also substitute date syrup or raw unpasteurized honey. Add nuts or seeds if you need a crunch.  (And yes, I said full fat – no diet food with no fat is going to satiate you!)
  • Steamed or heated nut milk (or 2% organic milk) with maple syrup. Again, you can add different syrups or natural sugars if you prefer, as long as they occur naturally.
  • Oat and berry muffins. These are a great option because the sweet came from the berries but I wasn’t overloading on fruit, which is a form of sugar that is often underestimated and over-consumed because everyone thinks it’s natural so it must be okay to load up on it.
  • Soy or coconut ice cream. I love Screamin Brothers, but they’re only in Canada. Just make sure you choose an alternative that has limited ingredients and doesn’t have a label that requires an interpreter.
  • Nairns Oat Cakes with cheese – okay, I know this doesn’t have anything sweet in it, but it’s a protein and a carb with fat (and it’s natural) so it helps to balance blood sugar and essentially reduce the craving.
  • Chia Seed Pudding
  • Oatmeal Cookies – I avoided chocolate the entire time I was focused on getting rid of my migraines, but if you must have it, choose a dark chocolate or carob chip.


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