Why "Learn"?

Hi, it's Nicole here. Welcome to "Learn", or what I consider to be, the most important section of this website.

This section is called "Learn" because I hope that you will do just that - learn. Here, you'll find easy to understand health information, health tips, product recommendations, and any information that I find that I think will help you (I'm open to requests also so send your ideas my way!).

Whether I post about my personal experiences and mistakes or from information I've researched, my goal is that every time you visit this website, you learn at least one thing that will help you ask more questions, pursue more answers, and ultimately, make more informed decisions about your health.

I sincerely hope you find this information helpful and empowering. You can also check us out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin or if you have specific questions, please ask.

Be well,

Nicole Porter