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| You’ve got to start somewhere…

Are you tired of getting your health advice from a search engine and want expert advice customized to your health and wellness needs? Are you not getting the results you want from your diet or exercise plan or are you unsure where to start when it comes to reaching your wellness goals? Do you often wonder if there is more to being healthy and feeling good in your body than just food and fitness?

The underlying goal in the Intro Session is to ensure you have a solid understanding of how your current decisions may be impacting your current health outcomes and how certain habits may be preventing you from reaching your goals without you even knowing it. Then you can decide, when you’re ready, if you want to continue on your own or join a self-directed online course like The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge or a Private Coaching Program.

| The Intro Session is for you if…

You’re at the beginning, middle or end of The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge or another online program and want some coaching, motivation and customization to increase your odds of success.
You’re not sure which NPW program is the best fit for you.
You’ve got unanswered questions that you want answered by an expert instead of Google!
You just need just a little advice, direction, and motivation to reach your goals.

| Client Testimonials

“Thank you Nicole! I’ve learned so much already.”

I was pleasantly surprised by Nicole’s Intro Session. I’d been struggling with low energy for a long time and although I realize there’s only so much health advice you can give someone in 60 minutes without having all the data you need, I walked away with tips I could implement immediately. And it wasn’t just about nutrition. We talked stress, working out, being dehydrated, even how much time I’m on my phone – things I just hadn’t even thought could be making me so tired. Thank you Nicole! I’ve learned so much already!

Melissa W.

“A non-judgmental and knowledgeable environment, while keeping it real and having fun!”

My life gets stressful pretty quickly. I thought I knew what was stressful and where it came from… till I met Nicole!

I’ve learned I was under a lot of chronic stress (the bad kind). We took action right away and reorganized my daily routine so I can considerably reduce the chronic stress. All that in a non-judgmental and knowledgeable environment while keeping it real and having fun.

Flavie Dufrenne

“This session was the best use of my time and money.”

I’ve had a Personal Trainer for years but never someone to help me with nutrition or stress or any of the other things Nicole addresses. I was thoroughly impressed with the business Nicole has created and what she was able to teach me in just 1 hour. I implemented certain elements immediately and noticed changes right away. This 60 minute session was the best use of my time and money.

John D.

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