Please read the instructions below and be sure that Zoom is set up in advance of your session. At your scheduled time, simply click the Zoom link you’ve been provided.

Sessions will start promptly at your scheduled time. For all online sessions, we recommend you use headphones to minimize exposure to wireless.

Using Zoom on desktop: If you are joining a Zoom meeting from your desktop, you should only need to click the link a minute before your scheduled call. However, we recommend you test the link prior to your session in the random event that your audio doesn’t work or it requires you to download the program (rare but it’s been known to happen!)

Using Zoom on mobile or tablet (not recommended for longer sessions): If you’re joining us from your mobile phone or tablet, you’ll need to download the Zoom App as follows:

  1. Click the Zoom link provided
  2. Open this page in the App Store/Google Play. Download app.
  3. Return to email link and click “Join Meeting” then “Open” (in Zoom)
  4. Enter your name
  5. Click “Don’t Allow” or “Allow” if you’d like notifications
  6. Click “Allow” to allow access to camera (necessary for video call)
  7. Click “Ok” to allow access for microphone or “Mute” to mute upon entry.



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