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Having Withdrawal Symptoms?

Some people may experience withdrawal symptoms (headache, fatigue, irritability, nausea or others), while others may not notice symptoms at all. If you do experience symptoms (which last about 3-7 days, on average), be sure to do the following:

  • drink water throughout the day (normally, I’d suggest 10 but when you’re trying to get toxins out of your system, I’d really push for 12 cups),
  • adhere to the Avoid List (I know you want to have something sweet or caffeine or wine or something to make you feel better, but it’s ideal for you to avoid these items. Note some people will respond better to a slow removal of these items. If you’re having challenges, let us know.)
  • adhere to the Meal Planning Guidelines,
  • follow the Food Rules,
  • listen to your body…if it wants to sleep, go to sleep!
  • If you’ve got a headache, I’d recommend trying a peppermint oil rather than reaching for medication.
  • You’re likely going to want sugar, alcohol and caffeine, but they are major stressors on the body so it’s important to reduce consumption at this time and stick to what you’ve learned. For more information, visit How Sugar Paralyzes the Immune System,  Tips to Reduce Caffeine & Reducing Alcohol Consumption.