ELEVATE Group Wellness Coaching | Frequently Asked Questions

How does ELEVATE work?

The ELEVATE Group Coaching Program was designed for 2 reasons:

  1. to help you elevate the results you get from The 8 Weeks to Awesome.
  2. to give you access to an expert/coach – without you having to pay thousands for Private Coaching.

This is how it works:

  • PREREQUISITE: You must be a current or past student in order to participate. If you want to buy the course and coaching together, take advantage of The ELEVATE X8 Bundle! If you’ve already been in a course or program, you can add The ELEVATE Group Coaching Program here.
  • START DATES: You can start the Group Coaching sessions at any time, even if you completed your course/program 3 years ago! Or you can start your sessions at the exact same time you start the course. It’s up to you! There are multiple start dates throughout the year, FYI 🙂
  • LENGTH: The program is 8 weeks (9 sessions) of live group coaching sessions (30 minutes each) via Zoom.
  • PRIVACY PROTECTED: The sessions are in webinar format, meaning you can’t see who else is in the session and they can’t see you. This way, it’s private and confidential.
  • GET ANSWERS: You can ask questions IN the webinar or submit questions in advance, and at various points, you can also request direct coaching on camera!

Can’t find a date that works for you? If you can’t attend any or all sessions, but you have questions you want answered (which you probably do!), then just submit your questions via the Question Form you’ll receive, and watch the replay for your answers!

What are the 2023 start dates for the ELEVATE Group Coaching Program?

2023 dates are as follows. Times shown are in PST (Pacific Standard Time)

  • Jan 17 – Mar 14 @ 9am
  • Feb 7 – Apr 4 @ 12pm
  • Mar 7 – May 2 @ 3pm
  • Apr 4 – May 31 @ 10am
  • May 2 – Jun 27 @ 1pm
  • Jun 6 – Aug 8 @ 11am (excluding July 4)
  • Jul 11 – Sep 5 @ 9am
  • Sep 12 – Nov 7 @ 9am
  • Oct 3 – Nov 28 @ 12pm
  • Oct 17 – Dec 12 @ 3pm

I want to join, but I can't find a time and date that works perfectly for my schedule.

If you can’t attend any or all sessions, but you have questions you want answered (which you probably do!), then just submit your questions via the Question Form you’ll receive, and watch the replay for your answers!

Can I join the ELEVATE group wellness coaching program without having completed The 8 Weeks to Awesome or other 8 week programs?

In order to join ELEVATE, you must be a current student or client either by purchasing the ELEVATE X 8 Bundle here or by signing up for The 8 Weeks to Awesome course, The 8 Weeks to Awesome Signature Private Coaching Program or The Wellness Advantage Corporate Challenge.

I've already been in The 8 Weeks to Awesome so don't need to buy the bundle. Can I buy ELEVATE Group Coaching separately?

What do I need to do before Session 1 of the Group Coaching?

In your registration emails, you will have received a link to a Welcome video that tells you everything you should complete before Session 1. You can also find this video on your password-protected replay page.


Can I start the course before I start the group coaching sessions?

Yes, absolutely! As an example, you could start the course in January, complete it in February, but then start ELEVATE Group Coaching in the spring or fall. Although it’s recommended to do the programs at the same time, it’s not mandatory.


I'm not able to attend one of the live coaching sessions. Can I access a recording?

Your session recordings are available on your password-protected page for the duration of your program and can be accessed via your Welcome email or Zoom emails.

I want to watch a recording, but it's not available.

We upload the replays of each session to your password-protected page within 24 hours of the session being completed. If it’s beyond 24 hours, definitely contact us so we can figure out where the glitch is!

Where do I submit a question to be answered in the coaching session?

The link to submit your questions can be found in your Welcome email, or any of your Zoom emails.


How long do I have to use my coaching sessions?

ELEVATE is 9 weeks. When you signed up for the program, you were asked to choose your start date. Your program sessions will expire once the 9th session is complete.

You can always join again at any time!


How private/confidential are the sessions?

To protect your privacy, the ELEVATE sessions are in a webinar format, meaning your name and face are not public. If you ask or answer questions via the chat, your Zoom profile name will appear.

Also, if you submit questions in advance of our sessions, you have the option of sharing your name or not.


I've got more questions. Who should I contact?

We are happy to answer any questions you have. Simply reach out to us here.