Did you know...dehydration is a stress on the body? Nicole porter wellness

Did you know…dehydration is a stress on the body?

In any surveys I’ve done over the years that ask people about daily water consumption, it’s clear that most people are at least slightly dehydrated.

😱But although many people know water is necessary for survival, most only care about the short term effects on appearance (ie/chapped lips, dry hair, or dry skin which can lead to wrinkles and premature aging) and don’t really consider what’s happening on the inside. 😱😱😱What they don’t know is that dehydration can lead to hormone imbalance, weight gain, fatigue, joint pain, poor sleep, heartburn, muscle loss, headaches, and so on.🤧😷🤒😴

So go fill up your water glass and drink up! 🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰If you drink a glass for every hour at work, you’ve hit your minimum requirement for the day. Good luck! 👍🙏💪👊

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