The Wellness Advantage Challenge

The only wellness coaching program designed and proven to help busy professionals transform their physical, mental, and emotional health by conquering Hidden Stress


“Nicole’s work transformed me.”

Her program is the first that’s resulted in long term change of my body and habits. With her program, I don’t crave sugar or alcohol. It is the greatest and most freeing gift any human has ever given me. I always come back to the fundamentals of her program which support me to keep elevating my health and achieve personal goals I never would have dreamt I was capable of even a year ago. 

Katie Webster

Let’s get healthy – together.

The Wellness Advantage Challenge is the only wellness program of its kind that helps you tackle your health and wellness goals by reducing Hidden Stress.

“I look forward to loving my new mind and body minus 23 pounds!”

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nicole Porter Wellness recently and had such an amazing experience including great results!  I really had no idea what I getting into and after the 8-week program I’m so grateful I made this decision. Nicole was extremely professional and organized! Her program changed my eating habits, sleep issues, decision-making skills, and overall mindset I didn’t even know I had. Thank you, Nicole, for a great overall experience and look forward to loving my new mind and body minus 23 pounds.

Alex Friio

Small Habits. Big Change.

Over 10 weeks and 10 live coaching sessions, you’ll discover how to implement The Hidden Stress Framework™, a unique and proven framework designed to help you overcome The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits that add stress to your body and brain everyday, and contribute to complaints like weight gain, low energy, digestive issues, poor sleep, lack of clarity and motivation, anxiety, sugar cravings, pain and inflammation, skin problems, and an inability to successfully manage day to day stress.

“Nicole’s program will change your life”

I learned so much from Nicole during her Signature Wellness Challenge! What I have taken away from the experience far exceeded my expectations – and they were high. I can’t even count how many people to whom I have been preaching about this! It will change your life.

Tara Kemes

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:

A Framework that Works

You’ll discover how to seamlessly integrate The Hidden Stress Framework into your life so you can overcome The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits, reduce stress on your body and brain, and create the internal balance that is necessary to get results.

With this proven framework, you’ll quickly realize why you don’t need to be perfect to see progress, why you no longer have to rely on unhealthy diets and unrealistic exercise programs, and that habit change doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think!

Weekly Challenges

Each week, you’ll watch a video explaining how one or more of The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits can add Hidden Stress to your body and brain, prevent optimal physical and mental health, and ultimately keep you from reaching your health and wellness goals.

At the end of the video, you’ll receive one challenge, specifically recommended to help you mindfully integrate healthy habits into your life, and most importantly, reduce the burden of Hidden Stress that’s keeping you from feeling your best.

Weekly Coaching and Advice 

Over 10 live group sessions, you’ll get answers to your most pressing questions, get expert advice on how to be even more successful in the program, and have a chance for live customized coaching that will benefit you and your fellow group members.

To ensure you receive advice that is specific to your own unique health goals, you can submit questions 3 ways – through a confidential form throughout the week, via the live chat in the weekly coaching sessions, or on camera during the coaching call.

Access to Replays

Can’t make a live coaching session? Don’t stress!

Every session will be recorded and uploaded to your unique NPW Portal. Pro Tip: If you can’t attend a session, submit your questions in advance and watch the replay later for the answers.

Daily Motivation

It’s one thing to have a weekly coaching session, but sometimes you need a bit more motivation and advice.

This is why we created the daily “Notes from Nicole” – to continue to educate you on the week’s topics and keep you inspired as you learn to maintain the new habit long term.

A Customized Wellness Routine

Every week, you’ll add a new healthy habit (or 2) to your Wellness Planner.

By the end of the program, you’ll have your own stress-less routine, which will help you overcome one of the biggest challenges people have – to know how to live a healthy life on a busy schedule.

Dozens of Resources

To increase your odds of success, you’ll also complete Lifestyle Trackers, and gain access to proven formulas like The Cheat Principle, a simple calculation that will keep you from sabotaging your success. You’ll also learn The 360 Rule, an easy-to-follow formula to help you understand how much exercise you actually need to reduce stress and get results.

You’ll also receive Recipe Books, Meal Planning Guidelines, Food Rules, a Grocery List, The Avoid List, and dozens of other resources to help you conquer The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits, and gain the clarity and confidence you need to feel awesome!

Long-Term Results

Once you start integrating The Hidden Stress Framework into your life, you’ll understand why other clients and students have been able to maintain their results!

With this stress-reducing framework, you’ll always have the knowledge and tools to go back to, and you’ll finally understand why shifting the way you think about nutrition, exercise, hydration, sleep, screen time, mindful breathing, multi-tasking, socializing, and overthinking can reduce stress on your body and brain, and help you get – and stay – healthy!

Lifetime Access

This program wasn’t designed to get you short-term results. It was designed for long-term health. And although you’re going to re-train your brain to master certain habits in 8 weeks, you’re likely going to want to restart the program or refresh your memory on certain concepts at some point in the future.

This is why you receive lifetime access to the entire curriculum and you can restart the entire program from Day 1 – so you can continue to raise the bar when it comes to your health and so you can keep getting addicted to feeling awesome!

I’m still astonished at how effective your program was for me.”

Just finished The 8 Weeks to Awesome. Inadvertently lost 20 pounds which wasn’t even the objective. It was to help my migraines and eczema, which it did. Way less frequency of flare ups. Headachy at the beginning but no migraines since! I’m back to my university weight! Kudos to your program. It’s well put together to keep you consistent through it.

Mark M.

Your 6-Stage Success Path

Meet Your Instructor + Welcome to the Program
Stage 1: The Strategy
In your first module, we’ll set the stage for long-term habit change with a solid foundation of knowledge, simplifying the science behind how your daily habits add unnecessary stress to your body and brain – without you even knowing it.
Stage 2: MindSET
In Module 2, you’ll learn to apply our A.S.P.I.R.E. Habit Change Model and an innovative approach to goal setting to discover why habit change (and long-term transformation) doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think.
Stage 3: Rest
Addressing more than just how to catch the right amount of zzz’s, you’ll learn how to create, and benefit from, unexpected moments of rest that your body and brain need to thrive.

Stage 4: Nutrition
Forming one of the core pillars of the program, the Nutrition stage introduces you to B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Principle + The Cheat Principle™️ so that you have clarity on what, when, how, where and why you should eat – or not.
Stage 5: Movement
Designed to shift the way you think about moving your body, you’ll discover how to mindfully implement The 360 Rule™️ in order to get the results you want – and in ways that you least expect it.
Stage 6: MindSHIFT
After experiencing the beginning of physical transformation in the first 5 stages, you’ll discover unexpected ways to gain control over your thoughts, your stress levels, your body, and your life.
And last but not least…
You’ve raised the bar on what you expect from yourself and your body, so what’s next? The Wrap Up and Your Final Challenge!

“In so many ways, Nicole’s program exceeded my expectations.

I’d heard good things about Nicole’s programs and decided to do the 8 week challenge to see if it could increase my energy. My energy went up, my weight went down and it resolved a digestive issue I’d had for probably 6-8 years, a result that made her program worth every dollar for me. I’m now 22 pounds lighter and at a weight and energy level I haven’t experienced in 15 years.

Omer Segoly

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm on the waitlist. When can I officially enrol?

Enrolment will open in July. We’ll email you as soon as it’s open!

Are replays available?

Yes. Replays are available for all coaching sessions.

What results can I expect from this program?

We can’t promise the results you’ll get (because everybody and every body is different), but below are some typical outcomes. You can also check out our testimonials for additional feedback.

  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood
  • Less sugar cravings
  • Improved digestion – less bloating, constipation, gassiness
  • Brighter skin
  • Less colds
  • Reduced food sensitivities
  • Less anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Less aches, pains, headaches
  • Improved ability to handle stress (remember: less stress on the body = less stress in life!)

We recommend you take a before and after picture, not just if you want to lose weight and see how much you lose, but also to see how much your skin, face, expression, and eyes change after going through the program.

Where can I find examples of people who have had success with TWAC?

You can find written and video reviews on our Testimonials page.

How is TWAC different from other programs?

We love this question. There are 2 main reasons:

1. The Wellness Advantage Challenge is different because it’s rooted in education. 

It is 100% about teaching you the WHY behind why you need to change habits.

We don’t just say ‘do this’ and ‘do that’… We explain WHY you should, in terms that are easy to understand.

Understanding the ‘why’ does a couple of things…

It means you’re educated and empowered which means you can make these decisions on your own.


It sets you up for long term success, which means you can make informed decisions LONG TERM, which also means you increase your odds of hitting your goals – LONG TERM.

2. The second reason is because of The Hidden Stress Framework we’ve created. 

When you get into the program, you’ll discover that you’re likely repeating a number of habits every single day that are adding stress to your body – without you even knowing it!

It’s this Hidden Stress that can keep you from reaching your goals – without you even knowing it (yes, we know we just repeated that!)

The Wellness Advantage Challenge is designed to help you reduce the total amount of stress on your body so that you achieve the balance necessary to reach your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness goals.

Bottom line: Less stress = more awesome 🙂

Will I get immediate access to the curriculum?


Once you purchase through the secure servers, you’ll gain immediate access to the members portal, where you’ll find:

  • the Welcome Video, which will explain how to navigate the course
  • Train Your Brain for Habit Change presentation
  • Let’s Talk About Stress presentation
  • Week 1 presentation which ends with your Week 1 Challenges
  • PLUS multiple resources and workbooks
  • These will get you fully prepared for the Kick Off session and set you up for success right out of the gate!

Will I need to invest in anything besides this program?

Nope! You’re investing in yourself and that’s worth more than anything!

What if I try TWAC and realize it’s not a good fit?

We’ve got you covered with our refund policy.

How will this program be taught?

This program is 100% online, with live coaching, videos, emails, recipe books, meal planning guidelines, food rules, lifestyle trackers, a wellness planner, and tons of resources to set you up for success.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card and debit via Stripe or PayPal.

Do you offer a certificate or credit upon completion?

Yes. As long as you complete all modules and pass the quizzes, you’ll be able access your certificate via the course curriculum.

Is this coaching program confidential? I don’t feel comfortable talking about my health with strangers.

We get it. Not everyone wants to tell the world about their private challenges.

This is how we’ve ensured you have full confidentiality and privacy, if that’s what you prefer:

  1. All coaching sessions are set up as webinars which means your cameras are automatically OFF. However, you have the option to get on camera to ask questions if you’d like.
  2. Any questions you submit in advance are done through a confidential form.
  3. When you submit questions in the group coaching session, you have the option for the question to only come to our team as opposed to the entire group.
  4. We do not – and will never – share your data, period.
Nicole Porter Wellness

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