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Sunday Night Health Show Interview | Tips to Overcome Overthinking

Are you an overthinker?

Do you struggle with overthinking? Do you get stuck ‘in your head’, ruminating about something to the point where there is no decision or conclusion? If you do, it will be nice to know that you’re not alone, but at the same time, it’s important to know that overthinking can put stress on your body, keep you from feeling well, and could be keeping you from reaching your wellness goals. The great news though is that there are many ways to manage it!

Check out the interview below as well as some additional tips for getting out of your head, and if you want learn more about overthinking and what the other stressors that could be keeping you from feeling awesome, sign up for The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge or bring a Wellness Seminar to your workplace. I hope you enjoy!

For those who struggle with overthinking, here are some tips for how to get “out of your head” :

1️⃣Shift your focus (and your physiology) to something else:
•Learn something new. Get educated!
•Journal. Write what you’re grateful for!
•Turn on the music and sing!
•Get social support. But be aware that you do not want a rumination partner!! You don’t want to be fuelling off each other’s negativity.
•Do something creative! Overthinking keeps you from being creative! Paint, draw, write, anything!

2️⃣Practice getting out of your head so you can listen to your naturally intuitive sense and quick decision-making abilities:
•Don’t think twice about your outfit in the morning.
•Don’t overanalyze your food.
•For as many decisions as possible, try to listen to what your first instinct is and react on it before your analytical brain talks you out of it!

And if rumination or overthinking is something that really interferes with your life:
•Set a timeline for how long you’ll let yourself be in your head.
•Set a deadline for when you need this problem solved.
•See a therapist for support.

▶️Listen to full Sunday Night Health Show Interview (starts at 26 minutes)


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