A Note from Nicole

“We will all be in better shape when we care more about our insides than our outsides.”

Nicole Porter


My name is Nicole Porter. I’m a Stress Coach, Nutritionist, and Wellness Educator, and I started this business to keep you from making the same mistakes I have.

“Nicole has a wealth of knowledge. She wears several hats, but most importantly, she is out for everyone’s mental health and well-being.”

Markena Minikon, Texas Health Resources | Blue Zones Project 

My Mistakes

I’ve limited calories thinking it was the key to weight loss, but not knowing how it impacts other organs, including the brain, or its role in migraine headaches.

I’ve overexercised thinking it was the way to burn off bad food mistakes and that it was the only way to have a better body, but not considering the injury and inflammation and surgeries that would later arise – see the full list of injuries and surgeries here).

I’ve underestimated the value of sleep, thinking “I could sleep when I’m dead”, but not realizing the utter chaos it can cause on the body and brain, and how it can sabotage your results.

I’ve spent hours in front of screens focused on my work, not knowing how it can deplete the body of nutrients and affect sleep and focus and mood.

I’ve prided myself on my ability to multi-task, not knowing it was affecting my stress levels, memory, and impairing my ability to focus.

And the list goes on.

But mistakes are lessons in disguise.

And that means I’ve learned a LOT of lessons!

Mistakes are lessons in disguise.

I’m here to share everything I’ve learned

So I’m here to share everything I’ve learned – mistakes and all – and do everything I can to help you be as happy as humanly possible in your body and in this life.

At Nicole Porter Wellness, I’ve combined my background in nutrition, fitness coaching, personal training, healthy weight loss, Pilates, mindfulness-based stress reduction and behaviour change with my professional experience in start ups, small business and corporate to create a business solely focused on helping businesses and busy professionals take control of their health.

“Book Nicole for your company’s next wellness discussion!”

Barry Trischuk, Speaker Chair, ADVOCIS | The Financial Advisors Association of Canada

I’ve created The Hidden Stress Framework for Busy Professionals

I’ve created The Hidden Stress Framework, a unique and proven framework designed to help busy professionals overcome The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits that add Hidden Stress to the body and brain, and are too often overlooked as contributors to weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, sugar cravings, sleep issues, hormone imbalance, digestive problems, an inability to manage day to day stress, and other common health complaints and more serious illness.

Once you discover how to address this cumulative stress, you dramatically increase your odds of reaching your health and wellness goals. (See what clients are saying about their results.)

We work with businesses and busy, stressed out professionals because we understand the challenges that a hectic life can throw into the most well-intentioned health regime of someone constantly on the go. We also fully realize that unhealthy employees cost money.

I would recommend Nicole to any organization that wants to support their employees on a journey to improved physical and mental health.

Lynn Wowchuk, Regional Administrator, CIBC Private Wealth

The Bottom Line

But if you asked me why I started Nicole Porter Wellness, I would give you these 5 reasons:

  1. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did.
  2. I never want your health, or how you feel in and about your body, to keep you from living the inspired, fulfilled, and passionate life you deserve – at work and at home.
  3. People too often judge progress by how they look on the outside when they should be focused on improving the function of their insides (because when the insides are functioning, the outside will naturally follow).
  4. More people need a simplified way to understand the connection between their habits and their health.
  5. Society needs more experts, not search engines, to provide advice, support and solutions.

If this approach resonates with you, then get in touch today. We would love to work with you.

“Your enthusiasm is contagious! You are doing an excellent job educating many of us, which is very good for the world. We need more people like you and your team.”

Seminar Attendee, North Central Washington Education Service District

Let’s Talk.

Nicole Porter Wellness

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