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We simplify wellness for busy professionals who want to master their health and habits, and live the extraordinary lives they deserve. 

As a Stress Coaching and Wellness Education firm, we help busy, stressed out professionals optimize their physical and mental health. We’ve created The Hidden Stress Framework™️, which is designed to help our clients mindfully overcome The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits that chronically add Hidden Stress to their bodies and minds, sabotage their results, and contribute to common health complaints like weight gain, low energy, digestive issues, poor sleep, lack of clarity and motivation, anxiety, sugar cravings, pain and inflammation, skin problems, and an inability to successfully manage day to day stress.

You’ll walk away with the clarity you need to make informed health decisions, an unwavering faith in your ability to listen to your body, and the confidence necessary to expect nothing less than the extraordinary life you deserve.

We know that knowledge is (potential) power.

In order to achieve long-term success in anything, you need to get informed. And since no one will care more about your health than you do, you MUST get educated.

But the human body is complicated, and having little or no knowledge of it can leave one feeling disempowered and relying on unhealthy solutions (extreme diets, exercise programs or maybe even medication) you may not understand.

At Nicole Porter Wellness, we pride ourselves on simplifying complicated health information so that you can better understand your body, feel confident asking questions, stop relying on fads and trends that may have long-term health implications, trust what you’re body is telling you, and ultimately, be better equipped to make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

Now, with all that said, it’s one thing to have the education, but it’s another thing to put it into action…

We offer evidence-based programs.

Our wellness programs are rooted in science instead of trendy fads. We provide scientifically sound research, explaining the ‘why’ behind our recommendations. We focus on ‘why’ because when you understand the reason why a habit should be changed, it not only increases your odds of success, but increases your odds long-term. See what our clients have to say about how this approach has worked for them.

We provide real solutions for real life.

We understand the challenges that a hectic life can throw into the most well-intentioned health regime of someone constantly on the go. This is why we provide realistic solutions that work with busy schedules. Whether you’re attending a Workplace Wellness Program funded by your employer, participating in a Group Coaching Program with your colleagues or friends, or you’re enrolled in The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge on your own, you’ll discover that it’s entirely possible to live a healthy life amidst a busy schedule.

Nicole Porter Wellness

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