About Nicole Porter Wellness

Re-defining stress for busy professionals

We work with businesses and busy, stressed out professionals to help them understand and overcome the most commonly overlooked habits that stress out their bodies and keep them from feeling awesome. Why? Because when reputable medical schools estimate that 90-100% of disease is stress-related, it’s time to get educated about what stress really is. Stress is not just finances, conflict, and struggling to find work/life balance; it’s also poor nutrition, incorrect exercise programs, excessive screen time, poor breathing, dehydration, overthinking, negative mindset, sleep deprivation, lack of social support and other daily habits that are capable of derailing your health.

We know that knowledge is power.

Health can be a complicated and intimidating topic, but having little or no knowledge of it can leave you feeling disempowered and relying on solutions you may not understand. We simplify complicated health information so you can better understand your body, feel confident asking questions, stop relying on fads and trends that may have long-term health implications, and be better equipped to make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

We offer evidence-based programs.

We provide scientifically sound research, explaining the ‘why’ behind our recommendations. We focus on ‘why’ because when you understand the reason why a habit should be changed, it increases your odds of success. In addition, since our programs are rooted in science instead of trendy fads, our recommendations are designed to work long-term.

We provide real solutions for real life.

We understand the challenges that a hectic life can throw into the most well-intentioned health regime of someone constantly on the go; therefore we provide realistic solutions that work with busy schedules. Whether you are taking an Online Program, attending a Seminar, Workshop, or Group Coaching Program with your colleagues or friends, or participating in a Private Coaching Program, you will finally experience how and why it’s possible to be busy and healthy at the same time.