About Nicole Porter Wellness

| Why?

Let’s start with why do we do what we do.

We want to shift the way you think about what it means to get healthy, stay healthy, and manage stress.

We want you to raise the bar on what you expect from your body, your mind, and your life.

We want you to rely on experts, not search engines, for health advice, support and solutions.

We want you to stay away from trends and fads that are adding stress to your body, and taking you further from your goals and optimal health.

We want you to confidently believe that you have the power to change, no matter what unhealthy habits you’ve had in the past.

We want to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to understand your body, trust what it’s telling you, and make the most informed decisions possible – for yourself and your family.

Simply, we want you to live the inspired, fulfilled, and passionate life you deserve – without your health or mindset getting in the way.

This is how we can help…

| Award-Winning Programs

Nicole Porter Wellness is an award-winning Workplace Stress and Wellness Education firm that helps busy, stressed out professionals overcome The Top 10 Hidden Stressors that sabotage their results, their physical and mental health, and their ability to manage stress – without them even knowing it.

These Hidden Stressors also affect a business’s bottom line – because if your employees aren’t healthy, neither is your business.

| A Proven Framework 

Incorporating over 30 years of knowledge, experience, and coaching, we’ve created The Hidden Stress™️ Framework, a unique and proven framework designed to help busy professionals overcome The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits that add Hidden Stress to the body and brain, overload the nervous system, imbalance hormones, and are too often overlooked as contributors to weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, sugar cravings, sleep issues, hormone imbalance, digestive problems, an inability to manage day to day stress, and other common health complaints and more serious illness.

| An Effective, Empowering and Evidence-Based Approach

With education as our core value, we use an approach that we call RISE: realistic, informative, simplified, and evidence-based.

Real solutions for real life

We understand the challenges that a hectic life can throw into the most well-intentioned health regime of someone constantly on the go. This is why we provide realistic solutions that work with busy schedules. Whether you’re attending a Workplace Wellness Program, participating in our ELEVATE Coaching Program, or you’re enrolled in The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge, you’ll discover that it’s entirely possible to live a healthy life amidst a busy schedule.


Education is our primary value, so of course we agree that knowledge is power. This is why our programs are rooted in education, helping you discover why you should incorporate a new habit and not just telling you what to do.

But as Joe Dispenza says, “It’s no longer enough to KNOW. You also need to know HOW.” In other words, knowledge is only power if you do something with it.

And this is where our realistic tools and holistic, forward-thinking framework come into play, creating a powerful combination that not only increases your odds of success, but increases your odds of success long-term.

Wellness Simplified.

The human body is complicated, and having little or no knowledge of it can leave one feeling disempowered and relying on unhealthy solutions (extreme diets, exercise programs or maybe even medication) that may have long-term health implications. People need a more simplified way to understand the connection between their habits and their health.

We simplify complicated health information so that you can better understand your body, feel confident asking questions about your health, stop relying on fads and trends, trust what you’re body is telling you, and ultimately, be better equipped to make informed decisions for yourself and your family.


If you’re looking for hacks, trends, or short-term results, we aren’t your solution. But if you’re looking for scientifically sound, data-driven, evidence-based programs that are rooted in a fundamentally agreed upon understanding of human physiology and stress that has remained unchanged for centuries, then you’re in the right place.

This realistic, informative, simplified, evidence-based formula is why clients get results.

| Transformational Results

No matter what role you play in your organization or which program you attend, you’ll walk away with a new definition of stress, a new appreciation for your body and mind, and a motivating sense of control over your physical and mental health. And with realistic tools that you can immediately implement, you’ll quickly realize that habit change doesn’t have to be as difficult as you once thought, which means that your transformation might be just around the corner.

But don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say about working with us.

Nicole Porter Wellness

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