About Nicole Porter Wellness - It's Time to Shake Things Up

About Nicole Porter Wellness

Nicole Porter Wellness creates customized wellness programs for businesses and busy professionals. Why? Because busy professionals are often unknowingly guilty of many daily habits that put chronic stress on the body, not having the time or knowledge to connect those habits to weakened health, disease, and lowered productivity.


It’s time to take our health into our own hands so we can make better decisions for ourselves and our families. It’s time to get educated so we can understand which daily habits are contributing to poor health, but also so we can ask the right questions of other practitioners who play a role in our health decisions. It’s time to think long term because if we keep focusing on fad diets and excessive exercise programs thinking they are the way to better health, or covering up the root problem with unnecessary medications, we won’t have long term solutions…we will have long term problems.  We already do.



Proper nutrition is fundamental for optimal health, but the ‘perfect’ diet will be negated if other factors are adding stress to the body. This is why sustained wellness goes Well Beyond Nutrition™. We simplify complicated health information to explain how these overlooked stressors are increasing toxic load on the body, contributing to acute and chronic imbalance and disease. You’ll walk away understanding why wellness is about more than just food and fitness, and gain a clear understanding of how and why it’s possible to be busy and healthy at the same time.

With the goal being to reduce stress on the body, we address the most common factors impacting the health of busy professionals – nutrition, travel, screen time, exercise, sleep, dehydration, each of which puts stress on the body, contributing to chronic disease. Through Private Coaching, The Wellness Advantage Corporate/Team ChallengeCorporate Wellness Seminars, and Wellness Workshops, we aim to empower our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to live the healthiest lives possible, achieving improved performance in all aspects of their lives.



Merging science and research with education and experience in nutrition, weight loss, fitness coaching, and stress management, means you will not only receive reliable information but you will also be better equipped to ask informed questions of other practitioners you may be seeing for your current health concerns.

With a focus on simplifying complicated health information so you can better understand what’s happening in your body, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions for yourself and your family, not just while you complete a NPW program, but well beyond.