About Nicole Porter


Nicole Porter is a Wellness Coach on a mission to empower you with the knowledge you need to live a healthy, productive, and inspiring life.

Having overcome migraines and other pain-related challenges with natural therapies, Nicole incorporates years of education and experience as a Holistic Nutritionist, Healthy Weight Loss Coach, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, and Entrepreneur to provide a well-rounded, realistic and informative approach that is tailored to your busy lifestyle.  She teaches you why you need to re-define the word “stress”, helps you understand which daily habits are derailing most wellness plans, and provides insight and motivation to care more about your insides than your outsides. Because if your insides are functioning optimally, then the outside can naturally follow.



Nicole’s approach is holistic, informative, responsible, and efficient. Merging science and research with education and experience (and a few laughs), Nicole will teach you how you can (and why you should) strengthen your body – inside and out – in order to enhance it’s ability to maximize it’s own health and help you achieve your goals.

Nicole is not an advocate of short-term health trends, restrictive dieting, extreme exercise programs, short term or rapid weight loss, or unnecessary medications. All of these tactics put stress on the body, increasing the likelihood for acute and chronic disease, and preventing you from getting the results you want or need. Instead, she focuses on helping you find realistic and achievable balance, empowering you with knowledge about your body so that you have confidence in the decisions you make regarding your health.



Having worked in start-ups, large corporations and as an entrepreneur, Nicole understands the challenges that a hectic life can throw into the most well-intentioned health regime of someone constantly on the go. With this understanding, her programs are realistic, achievable, and set you up for success, whether you are a busy professional managing a business or a family.

Nicole is also the owner of SHIFT Wellness PR Agency, Executive Producer & Co-Host of Wine Sense TV, Founder of Inspirational Art, and a volunteer with various youth, female and wellness-based organizations.