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Welcome to Nicole Porter Wellness


My name is Nicole. I’m so glad you’re here – because it means you’re one step closer to feeling better and I’m one step closer to helping you get there.

What do I do?  I’m a Stress Coach and Wellness Educator. This means I use my background in nutrition, fitness, healthy weight loss, mindfulness-based stress reduction and habit change to help businesses and busy, stressed out professionals understand and overcome the most commonly overlooked daily habits that chronically stress out the body and contribute to common complaints like weight gain, fatigue, sugar cravings, hormonal imbalance, and digestive issues. This means you learn to conquer habits like poor diet, incorrect exercise programs, dehydration, lack of sleep, excessive screen time, poor breathing, negative mindset, overthinking, multi-tasking, lack of social support – to name a few.

Education = Long-Term Success. With every service offered – seminars, workshops, group programs, private coaching, and courses – education is the foundation – because I know, without a doubt, that long-term results happen when people understand the ‘why’ behind what they’re doing. My goal is to simplify complicated health information so that you understand why you don’t need to rely on diets, exercise trends, or search engines to get the results you want. My hope is that you better understand your body, that you learn to listen to what it’s telling you, and that you walk away with the knowledge to make informed decisions, the confidence to ask questions of other practitioners, and the tools to maintain real, long-lasting, life-altering success – for yourself and those you care about.

If you’re ready, then I’m ready. Let’s do this!


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Wellness Seminars, Group Programs, Private Coaching & Online Courses

The 8 Weeks to Awesome Wellness Challenge by Nicole Porter - nutritionist, weight loss and health coach


Do you want to take your wellness game up a notch, be accountable to getting results, but do so on your own schedule? Then sign up for this self-paced, empowering, mind-shifting, and transformative wellness program. Based on The 8-Week Signature Wellness Challenge, this online program includes weekly videos, daily Notes from Nicole, daily Accountability Trackers, and other resources to offer a highly informative, motivating and affordable program for those who want to get healthy on their own schedule. Private Coaching sessions can be added at any time during or after the program.

Wellness Seminars by Nicole Porter - Corporate Wellness Vancouver


Wellness Seminars are 60 minutes of mind-shifting, evidence-based wellness education, providing busy professionals with the knowledge they need to take their health to a higher level – at home and at work. Seminars can be scheduled for a team of employees in the workplace or a private group of friends; are available as single seminars or series; can be customized to any organization’s goals, disciplines or management teams; and can be combined with The Wellness Advantage Workshops or The Wellness Advantage Challenge™️.

The Wellness Advantage Challenge by Nicole Porter - corporate health and wellness coach


This eye-opening, team-building, 8-week group program provides a supportive and motivating environment where busy professionals learn how to overcome the daily habits that could be preventing them from reaching their wellness goals. Through live weekly sessions, daily emails, and ongoing accountability throughout, The Wellness Advantage Challenge empowers participants with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to better understand their bodies, overcome potentially harmful habits, and make more informed health decisions in the future.

4 week health and weight loss coaching vancouver: The 4-Week Kickstarter by Nicole Porter Wellness


The 4-Week Kickstarter is a healthy kick in the right direction, helping participants understand why dehydration, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, excessive screen time and incorrectly designed fitness programs can derail the best intentioned wellness plans. A shorter version of the The 8-Week Signature Wellness Challenge and 12-Week Vitality Private Coaching programs, The Kickstarter is ideal for those who need some level of accountability while getting a jumpstart to their health and wellness program. The Kickstarter can also be extended to the 8 or 12-week programs.

8 week health and weight loss coaching program: 8-Week Signature Wellness Challenge by Nicole Porter Wellness


Our most popular program, The 8-Week Signature Wellness Challenge is a results-oriented wellness private coaching program that covers the top 10 daily habits derailing the health of today’s working professional, including those covered in The 4-Week Kickstarter. Ideal for those who are frustrated with their current results, lead busy lives with hectic schedules, are struggling with a nagging health issue (including sugar cravings, fatigue, digestive issues or weight loss), or are simply ready for a modern, simplified, and realistic approach to wellness.

12 Week Health Program Vancouver Canada | by Nicole Porter Wellness - Health and Nutrition Coaching


Perfect for those who need ongoing coaching and accountability to overcome established habits, or who need assistance addressing other ongoing health concerns, the 12-Week Vitality Program helps to solidify the top 10 habits addressed in The 8-Week Signature Wellness Challenge, aiming to reduce the toxic load on the body that can contribute to acute and chronic imbalance and disease.  Clients in The 4-Week Kickstarter or The 8-Week Signature Wellness Challenge can upgrade to the 12-Week Vitality Program at any time.