Words From Happy Clients…

Nicole has the unique ability to teach without preaching. Her deep knowledge is transformed into easy to follow principles that make a real and lasting difference. Both her skills and empathy are truly impressive. Thank you Nicole. You’re made a huge difference to my life.

– UP

Nicole is a well organized health wellness provider that has clearly done extensive research in her field and thoroughly provides abundant support both through written material and by making herself available to ensure you succeed. She is a very positive, professional person and I recommend her program completely! She is a phenomenal role model. 

– GG

What a wonderful journey Nicole took me on. I now have a much greater understanding of how I am contributing to my own stress levels and how I can make better choices to manage my health more effectively. I loved that this was not just about nutrition but looked at all of the contributors and poor habits I have enabled and adopted over time.

– CS

Working with Nicole was a terrific decision. Feeling like I had become stagnant with some of my health goals of late, Nicole was able to give me the right balance of practical skills, key knowledge and a kick in the butt when needed. The extra accountability, along with the steady feedback and real world solutions, was invaluable in getting ‘unstuck’ and making tangible progress on my health goals. I would highly recommend her to friends and family.

– BC

As a busy professional and someone that is health-conscious and aware, I can sense the detriments that stress has on my daily life. However, I truly didn’t understand the serious effects on a physiological level. Having the facts presented in a comfortable and easy-to-understand manner made the messaging fundamentally valuable. With some personal tweaks and a real commitment, I now know little things I can do each day to support changes and create a healthier me – for today and for my future.

– TZ

Nicole’s Kickstarter program is the perfect way to create healthy habits! She helps set realistic goals and is so motivating!  

– JK

I like that Nicole makes me feel like I matter and it’s not an all or nothing process. Little steps/goals moving forward to a better me and a better future.

– RN

My life gets stressful pretty quickly. I thought I knew what was stressful and where it came from… till I met Nicole! I’ve learned I was under a lot of chronic stress (the bad kind). We took action right away and reorganized my daily routine so I can considerably reduce the chronic stress. All that in a non-judgmental and knowledgeable environment while keeping it real and having fun.

– FD

I learned so much from Nicole during the 12-Week Signature Wellness Challenge! What I have taken away from the experience far exceeded my expectations – and they were high.  I can’t even count how many people to whom I have been preaching about this! It will change your life. 

– TK

Nicole is entirely devoted to her clients, and she’s very interactive throughout the program.

– TN

12-Week Signature Wellness Challenge by Vancouver Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Nicole Porter Wellness